Unix IBM AIX System Administration Zero to Hero for Beginner | Udemy

Unix IBM AIX System Administration Zero to Hero for Beginner | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
You will learn how to use AIX as System Administration
You will learn some tips and real life System Administration tasks
Learn Networking and Storage Management in IBM AIX
You will learn Unix command
You will learn Unix File System
You will learn Unix Services
You will learn Unix User Management

This course in 2022 will teach you how to become a AIX System Administration or Unix AIX System Engineering . Here I shall provide almost common issues in real life, and works with best practice.

You will learn :

– Real life System Administration tasks

– User Management

– Storage Management

– Mirroring Storage

– Network Management

– File System

– SMIT or SIMTTY tools

– Services

– Patching

– Problem Determinations

– Logs files

– Monitoring Tools


– Cron Job Schedule

– Ad hoc tasks

– Troubleshooting

Course on latest IBM AIX 7.2

oslevel -s


AIX History :

AIX (Advanced Interactive eXecutive,, is a series of proprietary Unix operating systems developed and sold by IBM for several of its computer platforms. Originally released for the IBM RT PC RISC workstation, AIX now supports or has supported a wide variety of hardware platforms, including the IBM RS/6000 series and later POWER and PowerPC-based systems, IBM System i, System/370 mainframes, PS/2 personal computers, and the Apple Network Server.

AIX is based on UNIX System V with 4.3BSD-compatible extensions. It is one of four commercial operating systems that have versions certified to The Open Group’s UNIX 03 standard (the others being macOS, HP-UX and eulerOS),[6] and one of 12 certified to the UNIX 95 standard.

The AIX family of operating systems debuted in 1986, became the standard operating system for the RS/6000 series on its launch in 1990, and is still actively developed by IBM. It is currently supported on IBM Power Systems alongside IBM i and Linux.

AIX was the first operating system to have a journaling file system, and IBM has continuously enhanced the software with features such as processor, disk and network virtualization, dynamic hardware resource allocation (including fractional processor units), and reliability engineering

Who this course is for:
Anyone interested to learn Unix IBM AIX



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