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Unity Stat System | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
How to implement a stat system
How to implement a save system
How to create editor windows using the UI Builder
How to create user interfaces using the UI Toolkit
How to work with Unity’s GraphView API

In this course, we will implement a stat system in Unity.

Who is this course for?

This is an advanced course designed for those who already have a fundamental grasp of Unity, and want to learn how to implement a stat system using SOLID design principles.

Are there any course requirements?

A solid understanding of C#

Previous experience using Unity

What you will learn:

How to work with Unity’s UI Toolkit and UI Builder

How to work with Unity’s GraphView API

How to implement a save system

How to implement a level system

How to implement a stat system

How to use C# assembly definitions

How to create a custom editor window using the UI Builder

How to create a Heads Up Display (HUD)

How to create a health bar using the Unity UI system

How to create a user interface for viewing stat values

How to make a stat value a function of a mathematical formula

Required experience & base maximum health increase as the player levels up

How to display the damage taken by a character

How to write Play Mode tests

How to modify the speed of an animation based on a stat

How to implement a damage system that accounts for critical hits, differentiates between physical/magical attacks, and includes defensive stats

If all this sounds appealing to you, please join me, and I’ll see you inside the course.

Who this course is for:
Indie game developers



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