Udemy – vSphere 7 Overview Upgrade Demos, Changes, and New Features

Udemy – vSphere 7 Overview: Upgrade Demos, Changes, and New Features
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Learn new features of VMware vSphere 7, like Kubernetes, Upgrades, Lifecycle Manager, Assignable Hardware, DRS, and more
What you’ll learn
Changes that have occurred between vSphere 6.7 and vSphere 7
How to upgrade vCenter and ESXi to version 7
Understand how vSphere 7 supports the deployment of Kubernetes Containers
Work with the vCenter 7 VAMI to perform manual and scheduled backups
Install the vCenter Server Appliance for vSphere 7
Learn how to perform updates and upgrades using Lifecycle Manager and Update Planner
Learn about performance improvements for vMotion, DRS, and assignable hardware
Foundation level knowledge of vSphere 6.7 (See my vSphere 6.7 Foundations course on Udemy)
Are you looking for VMware vSphere 7 Training? Do you want to learn from an experienced trainer who makes complex concepts simple and easy to understand? Do you need to learn about the new features of vSphere 7?

This course assumes you have previous knowledge of vSphere. Beginners should the level of knowledge required to pass the vSphere 6.7 Foundations exam or 1-2 years of experience.

I am a VMware Certified Instructor who has taught thousands of hours of live training directly for VMware. Most lectures in this course are 5 – 15 minutes long. A few deeper topics are slightly longer. There are multiple real-life demos of tasks being performed in a vSphere 7 homelab environment using the new HTML5 vSphere Client.

vCenter 7

vCenter 6.7 Upgrade to vCenter 7 and a new install of vCenter Server 7

Using the vCenter 7 VAMI to perform a manual backup to an SMB Share and set up scheduled backups and retention policies

Configure vCenter 7 Multihoming and PNID and FQDN Changes

Managing multiple vCenter servers using vCenter Server Profiles

vSphere 7 Licensing

vSphere 7 Management

Upgrading ESXi 6.7 to ESXi 7

Precision Time Protocol in ESXi 7

vCenter 7 Identity Federation

Managing VM Templates in an Content Library

vCenter and Dynamic DNS

VMware Skyline

vSphere 7 Lifecycle Management

vSphere 7 Update Planner

vSphere 7 Performance Enhancements

vMotion Improvements in vSphere 7

DRS Enhancements in vSphere 7

vSphere Cluster Quickstart

Assignable Hardware in vSphere 7

Scalable Shares in vSphere 7

vSphere 7 and Kubernetes

Introduction to Microservices

Introduction to Containers

vSphere 7 Pods for Kubernetes

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid ClusterLicensing

Who this course is for:
Anybody who wants to learn about new features of vSphere 7

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