Udemy – Tableau 2020 Training for Data Science and Business Analytics

Udemy – Tableau 2020 Training for Data Science and Business Analytics BOOKWARE-iLEARN
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Learn to visualize data and present stories in Tableau 2020. Several hands on practice exercises in Tableau included!
Learn data visualization using Tableau 2020 through a hands on approach

Whether you are a beginner or have some skills in tableau, from this course you will learn tableau and develop skills that will help you present information and tell compelling stories using data.

50,000+ students have already enrolled in this course giving a 4.6 star rating!

This Tableau course is designed to be 100% practical and fully hands on, so you will be working on Tableau as I teach you how to build charts, dashboards and stories.

We will work together on every single detail that I will teach you and there will be an end of section exercise for you to solidify the knowledge you gained from each section

Detailed explanation for the end of section exercise is included so you can compare your results with mine. Every section is built in a way that the skills developed in the previous section will be applied in the later sections, so you will feel more confident and comfortable with tableau as you progress

This course includes 12 quizzes covering over 150 questions and a final exam covering 45 questions which will sharpen your understanding of Tableau

The learning should continue and that’s why I have included a 60 page reference handbook covering every single topic from the course for you to refer during and even after the course.

What students say about this course?


“The course is split into many stages, each designed to give a solid foundation in tableau without leaving the student with knowledge gaps. If someone is a complete beginner or have Basic knowledge then they can start with this course.” – Shashank Shukla


“I was familiar with Tableau even before starting this course, despite that I found the lessons bringing out an extra level of useful detail and Tableau features. Also I found the lessons appropriately paced which allowed me to try it out in parallel within Tableau. So I’d highly recommend this course to total newbies and familiar beginners alike” – Sendil A B


“I am a beginner and I find this course extremely useful. The author explains the concepts clearly. The pace of the narration is perfect. Excited to deep dive into this course.” – Ram Shankar


“It was a good match and it is very detailed presentation and many topics are covered in the course” – Yoshihito Koya


“Great course. Everything Clear and Concise. Great teacher “- Aleksandar Damjanovic


What will you learn from this course?

Whether you have little or no knowledge about Tableau 2020, by the end of this course, you will be able to:

1. Connect any data and walk through Tableau 2020 with ease

2. Build most commonly used charts such as line chart, bar chart, stacked bar chart, area chart, scatter plot, tree maps, pie charts, maps etc in Tableau from scratch as well as using the in-built templates from the ‘show-me’ menu in Tableau

3. Create Tableau dashboards by combining multiple charts to present a broad picture to your audience

4. Build interactive elements such as filters, action filters, tool tips, highlights etc. to allow your audience to interact with you Tableau charts and dashboards

5. Animate simple charts to create stunning visual effects in Tableau

6. Create stories in Tableau using dashboards and charts to convey a compelling narrative through data visualization

7. Create calculations using calculated fields, table calculations and level of detail expressions in Tableau

8. Apply data clean up techniques in Tableau such as removing unnecessary variables, filtering rows, splitting data fields, combine and rename classes etc.

9. Combine data from multiple sources using unions, joins, data blending and data modeling techniques in Tableau.

10. Save, export and distribute your Tableau workbook to your audiences, key stakeholders and customers

What is Tableau?

Tableau is a powerful, market leading data visualization and business intelligence software using intuitive drag-and-drop approach that help you to visually analyze data and create stunning visualizations.

Tableau’s simple interface makes anybody interact with the visualizations, discover patterns using underlying data and help make quick decisions.

Why should you learn tableau?

Whether you are an analyst or a business intelligence developer or anyone who has to deal with or present data in your day to day work, Tableau will make your life a lot better with its intuitive visual analytics.

If you are not into dealing with data but want to build a career in data science, data visualization and business analytics then Tableau is one of the most important tools you must learn to move forward in your career.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the data visualizations you will create within just a couple of weeks into using Tableau.

Your stakeholders and customers would see remarkable value in the data visualization you would create using Tableau.

Plus, if you have been spending hours and hours building charts using other clunky programs, then switching to tableau can save you literally hundreds of hours.

Also, gaining a certification in tableau has proven to be a great addition to one’s profile when they want to become a data scientist or a data analyst.

Who should take this course?

You should take the course,

If you have little or no existing knowledge in tableau

If you have some Tableau skills but you want to get better

If you want to learn Tableau from scratch and be able to create great data visualization

If are looking to move forward in your career by building skills in data science, data visualization and business analytics

If you are someone who works with data day in and day out and look forward to interesting ways to visualize data

If you are frustrated with the limitations of the clunky programs and the time you spend in building visualizations

About me

My name is Farzan Sajahan. I am a business management and data science consultant. I have over 15 years of experience in helping organizations make data driven decisions and in rolling out tableau powered business intelligence frameworks.

I currently run an analytics consulting firm focusing on analytics in operations, and marketing management. I currently help a handful of clients solve their operations management problems using analytics and teach data science in a couple of reputed business schools in India.

I have a degree in electronics and communication engineering from Anna University, India and an MBA from Erasmus University, The Netherlands.

I am based out of Chennai, India.
Who this course is for:

Beginners interested in learning data analysis and data visualization
Anyone interested in data analysis
Anyone who works with data and wants to improve data visualization skills
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10 GBit .SE
10 GBit .NO

and other european locations

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