Udemy – Python Exercises for Beginners Solve 100+ Coding Challenges

Udemy – Python Exercises for Beginners Solve 100+ Coding Challenges
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Practice your Python Skills with 100+ Python Exercises and Check your Solutions with Step-by-Step Video Explanations.

If you are learning Python and you want to take your Python skills to the next level with intensive practice, then this course is for you. Apply your knowledge to solve more than 100 Python exercises and check your solutions with step-by-step video lectures with visual effects and diagrams.

Solve 100+ Exercises to Take Your Python Skills to the Next Level.
Solve more than 100 exercises and improve your problem-solving and coding skills.
Learn new Python tools such as built-in functions and modules.
Apply your knowledge of Python to solve practical coding challenges.
Understand how the code works line by line behind the scenes.
Identify different ways to solve a problem and which one is more concise and efficient.
Test your code with different values and inputs to verify its correctness.
Gain practical and valuable coding skills.

Improve your Python Skills and Gain Valuable Practical Experience

Python is currently one of the most popular programming languages and its popularity continues to rise every year. It is used for real-world applications in diverse areas such as Web Development, Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and many more. Learning Python is your next step into the powerful world of computer science. Through practice, you can improve your coding and problem-solving skills. You will also learn new tools that you can use in Python.

Learning Material & Resources

Coding Challenges: 100+ coding challenges with detailed descriptions and hints to guide you through this journey.
Exercises Divided by Levels of Difficulty: the exercises are divided into two levels, so you can start working on them according to your skill level and then solve more advanced exercises as you practice.
Video Lectures: 10+ hours of video lectures and resources with step-by-step solutions and explanations of how to analyze the problems and how the code works behind the scenes.
Visual Effects: You will learn how to solve these exercises with carefully designed visual effects, animations, and diagrams.
Test Cases: each coding challenge has test cases to help you test if your solution is correct. Each problem can be solved in multiple ways, so these test cases will help you confirm if your solution is correct.
Python Files: you will be able to download the sample solutions as Python files to run and experiment with the code in your device.
Progress Tracker: a PDF poster that you can print and cross out as you complete the exercises to help you track your progress.
Cornell Note-taking Method Page Format: a PDF format that you can print to take notes following the Cornell Note-taking Method (a page divided into three sections to write your notes, comments, and summary).
Code Notebook Format: a PDF format that you can print to write your solutions or the sample solutions by hand, analyze the code, and add your comments.

Created by: Estefania Cassingena Navone
Last updated: 4/2021
Contents: 18 sections • 250 lectures • 10h 49m total length
Basic knowledge of programming fundamentals and Python.
Enthusiasm and dedication to improve your coding and problem-solving skills.
You will need to have access to a Python IDE to solve the exercises. We will use PyCharm during the course, but you can use any IDE of your choice to write, test, and run your code.
The exercises are divided into two levels of difficulty per topic, so you can choose which ones you would like to solve first based on your level of experience.

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