Udemy – HashiCorp Certified Terraform Associate Prep Course 2021

Udemy – HashiCorp Certified Terraform Associate Prep Course 2021-UDUMMY
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Get Certified Today!
Learn Everything You Need to Get Certified From Scratch in Less Than 3h – From The Highest-Rated Terraform Instructor on Udemy

– Do you know what order Terraform loads variables?

– Do you know the 5 ways you can load variables?

– How many providers can you use in your projects?

– Why would you use Terraform Cloud vs Terraform locally?

If you want to pass the HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate Certification but don’t know where to start, don’t fret.

Because trying to pass the necessary exam can be a daunting task. Especially with all the confusing documentation out there.

With no idea of WHAT to learn and HOW to learn it, preparing for the certification can become a chore in the back.

This course solves that. It helps you pass the exam by giving you everything you need to know and cutting out all the unnecessary stuff.

With lots of hands-on demos that show you exactly how to apply everything you learn.

It takes you from absolute beginner to ready to sit the exam in less than 3 hours.

Hi, I’m TJ Addams

With nearly 10 years in IT project roles, I spent a lot of time teaching over 16,000+ people on- and offline. So they can become ready to use their skills in production, even without prior experience.

I simplify all the processes new students need to understand. And I provide a clear roadmap on what to learn to produce results fast.

Everything I teach is based on what is used in industry and cutting out what isn’t.

I operated in lead support roles to Project Sponsors, Platform Engineers, Solutions Architects, Developers, and Testers & have worked with partners to develop real-time systems underpinned by Terraform. I also have operated in diverse sectors including consulting, technology services and digital transformation; private online healthcare; and biomedical research.

This allows me to bring you unique insights way beyond the trivial “hello world” type of examples…

Coupled with lots of demos, tips, and advice on how it’s used in industry. I cover the nitty-gritty to help you stand out from the crowd and learn the things most engineers don’t even know about.

From Zero to Certified Terraform Hero

Whether you’re a beginner or expert. this hands-on course will teach you everything you need to pass the exam in less than 3 hours. If you want, you could watch the course in the morning and get certified by the afternoon.

I’ve gone through all the criteria, summarized it, and condensed all the information you need. And I put it into simple step-by-step videos.

It also includes a crash course for those with no experience with Terraform or not familiar with the new 0.12 syntax that’s used.

Only the Exact Knowledge You Need to Pass the Exam

Don’t waste time on unnecessary topics you don’t need to know about.

For example, you don’t need to learn how to set up a DB server when the certification asks you about state file management practices and variable loading orders.

What you need to know are the key concepts, best practices, and the ways HashiCorp wants you to “use” Terraform versus how you would in industry.

Specifically, you need to know the best practices for state management, secret management, module management, versioning, the Terraform workflow for individuals, teams, and Terraform Cloud, as well as the new changes in Terraform 0.12.

And this course will teach you all of it.

Also, this certification course is cloud agnostic. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve worked with AWS, Azure, GCP or even Alibaba Cloud before as it doesn’t lean towards a particular platform.

It’s made so that anyone can use it to pass the certification exam and also how HashiCorp wants you to go about it.

With Lots of Demos Showing What You Need To Do And Know . Without A Brain Dump.

Follow along and gather real hands-on experience. Complete challenges and exercises while you go through this course. It’s designed to be engaging and fun, instead of putting you to sleep. And it explains to you exactly how to use what you learn and why to use it.

You will get a much better understanding of all the concepts involved in actual work. You’ll be able to pinpoint the areas you’re lacking in and fix them immediately by seeing how they work in action.

This way you’ll be ready to pass the exam with confidence.

And of course, all the code used in demos is hosted for you on GitHub for quick access.

So you can reproduce everything you see in the demos and get a clear understanding of every lecture.

You’ll be comfortable and well prepared for what will come up on the exam.

What You’ll Get Inside The Course:

Demos of what is in the certification

Handy links to useful resources

Condensed information to prepare you for the exam

115 videos and 3 hours of material

All the code used in demos hosted for you on GitHub

What Others Are Saying About My Terraform Courses:

“This is a fast track, but for that cannot be considered as a rushed introduction to the Terraform concepts and practices, instead you can expect to be a fast and very accurate pass through the concepts, tips and trick necessaries for starting to produce results today”

“I have taken Terraform course because I might need it in my DevOps role. It is very informative and contents is very details. Love it. Thanks!”

“Hey TJ, Brilliant course. I like the small step by step videos but I loved the way you got stuck into the exercises pretty much off the bat. I found it far easier to digest Terraform and learn about its true capabilities having been through some more complex training. A great course for newbies!!! I hope you have some more courses in the pipeline. Thanks again.”

By The End of This Course You’ll.

Be some of the first engineers to get the certification

Know Terraform and industry best-practices

Stand out from the crowd with your new certification

Know so much more about Terraform than when you started

Who this course is for:

DevOps Engineers
System Administrators
Software Engineers

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