Udemy – Fundamentals of the OpenStack Cloud with Hands-on Labs

Udemy – Fundamentals of the OpenStack Cloud with Hands-on Labs
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Deploy a multinode OpenStack cluster on your Mac, Windows or Linux system and master it by doing hands-on labs
What you’ll learn
Deploy a multinode Pike OpenStack cluster on your computer consisting of a cloud controller and compute node
Master OpenStack by doing several lab exercises that simulate production scenarios involving Software Defined Networking, Compute and Storage
Learn to automate cloud resources by writing and running a Linux Shell script
Master software defined networks by creating project & provider networks, floating-ip addresses, security-groups, routers & external gateways in the lab
Learn to provision secure Internet connectivity to your OpenStack instances using the Neutron Virtual Router
Learn the software architecture and components of Nova and Neutron
Understand object storage and block storage service concepts
Understand HOT and it’s anatomy in the context of the OpenStack Heat service
Learn about RBAC and token based authentication in Keystone
Learn to create and update Heat stacks
Understand the production deployment architecture of the OpenStack Neutron service
Learn Swift architecture, features and how to create objects
Describe the Neutron provider and project network topologies
Learn advanced Nova features such as the Cells, Host Aggregates, Scheduling logic and Placement
Learn how to create an instance and inject ssh keypairs
Learn to troubleshoot OpenStack
Learn about Nova cells and how to add nodes to cells
Basic knowledge of cloud computing concepts covered in my introductory Udemy course titled: “Hands-on Introduction to OpenStack, Docker and Cloud Computing”
A Mac or Windows PC (or even Ubuntu or CentOS) with 6 GB free RAM to deploy OpenStack and do the lab exercises.
This course is designed to provide a solid understanding of the OpenStack cloud. First, you will learn about OpenStack and its collection of web services. Then you will attain OpenStack mastery by installing it on your Mac, Windows PC, a CentOS or Ubuntu Linux system and doing hands-on labs. I will teach you how to setup a “multinode” OpenStack cluster using the VirtualBox and Vagrant software. After this, you can practice hands-on, at your own pace, by building out several real-world lab scenarios.

I will walk you through everything step-by-step using my video lectures and help in resolving any issues you may face, using the Udemy Q&A facility. So, feel free to reach out to me anytime you have questions or run into problems. I have used my professional experience to make it easy for you to grasp the difficult OpenStack subject material by illustrating complex concepts using simple and easy to understand diagrams and several lab scenarios.

We will get into the details of all the core OpenStack cloud services and understand in-depth as to how things work using practice labs.

Why should you take this course?

You can take this course to,

a) Gain a new skill set in OpenStack and start a career in an emerging field.

b) Advance your current professional career.

c) Prepare for the Certified OpenStack Administrator (COA) exam.

d) Attend technical job interviews on OpenStack.

This course has several quizzes and practice tests that mimic interview questions.

e) Learn to operate and troubleshoot a production OpenStack cloud.

Can you tell me briefly about the course?

First, you will get to know OpenStack, its technology stack and architecture.

Then, you will learn in detail about the various core services.

After this, you will install a multinode OpenStack cluster running the Pike release on your computer.

(Both the Windows OS and Mac OS X are supported. You’re good if you have either of these systems with at least 4 GB free RAM).

You will learn to troubleshoot OpenStack.

Then you will do several labs on Compute, Software Defined Networking and Storage.

Through these labs, you will learn to create several OpenStack resources using the Horizon GUI, Bash shell scripts and OpenStack Client.

Who this course is for:
Anyone looking to attain the OpenStack Cloud Mastery by doing lab scenarios using their own personal computer (either a Windows PC or Mac)
Anyone looking to get hands-on exposure to OpenStack and practicing several technical job interview questions in this field
Anyone interested in enhancing their cloud computing and OpenStack skills
Anyone interested in becoming a Certified OpenStack Administrator (COA)

Provider: Udemy
Title: Fundamentals of the OpenStack Cloud with Hands-on Labs

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