Udemy – Complete Docker Containers DevOps Path – Tolga Koca Update 04-2022

Udemy – Complete Docker Containers DevOps Path – Tolga Koca Update 04-2022
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Learn Basics Of Docker Containers, Create You own Infrastructure and Automate Your Network with Swarm Orchestration
Why we need for Docker Containers?

Docker is the one of the key and essential Virtualization Technology For DevOps Engineers, system engineers and cloud engineers. Virtual machines, aka VMs are replacing with Containers in a very fast way. So for DevOps engineer, docker containers must be learnt deeply.

What will you do after course?

With this hands-on course, You can create your docker container infrastructure on Linux. You can create websites, database servers, test environments in your own. In this course, There are 5 real-life experince projects and many quizes to learn docker more deeply.


– Virtualization Technology

– Docker Container Basics

– Installation of Docker Containers

– Create Custom Images with Script

– Docker Swarm for Container Orchestration and Management

Why Is Docker?

It’s an open source tool supporting in Windows, MAC and Linux Distros.

Many companies are using or starting to use Docker Containers for their many of products. Even when you enter Cloud Technologies, you will always work with containers like in AWS, Azure or in any other cloud services.

DevOps Path

Keep on tracking on our Becoming a DevOps Engineer path with below order. The new courses will come each month.

1- Linux CLI

2- Automation Tools (Ansible, Puppet and Chef)

3- Container Technology (Docker and Kubernetes)

4- Managemet Tools (Terraform, NGINX, Prometheus and Grafana)

5- DevOps Fundemantals
Who this course is for:

DevOps Engineers
System Administrators
Cloud Engineers
Automation Engineers

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