Udemy – Cisco WLC 9800 Install Admin Config and Tshoot Fundamentals

Udemy – Cisco WLC 9800 Install Admin Config and Tshoot Fundamentals
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Cisco WLC 9800 Install Administration and Configuration Fundamentals Labs For ENWLSI ENCOR CCNA Certifications 9800 CL

You will need basic wireless knowledge
You will need to have the desire to learn more about the new Cisco Wireless Lan Controller via hands on labs


Welcome to Cisco WLC 9800 Install Admin Configuration and Tshoot Fundamentals course. You will learn how to install, manage, configure and troubleshoot Cisco’s latest Wireless Lan Controller 9800-CL.

First of all, we will learn how to download and install VMware Workstation Pro, after that we will go over the steps of how to install WLC 9800-CL and we will introduce ourselves with its GUI then we will learn how to configure WLC 9800 Ethernet Ports. After these introductory chapters, we will learn how to create a location and add a PSK WLAN on WLC 9800. We will continue learning to provision an AP on WLC 9800 and how to connect with a client. We will end this WLAN configuration section with adding a new WLAN with 802.1x Flexconnect options. Next section will start with location configuration and ap provisioning with different options and we will continue while creating policies and tags for flex location. AP switchport configuration and ssh configuration on APs will be the last part of this section. Next, we will focus on WLC configuration such as SNMP, managing via CLI and VLANs. After going over general configuration steps, we will deal with policies on our WLC. We will configure 802.1X policy tags and profiles and then we will create policy tags on APs. In the last sections, we will learn more about packet captures and troubleshooting steps. Configuring packet captures on our WLC and investigating those captures and traces will be our main goal. We will finish the course with two cases that are focusing on different troubleshooting steps on WLAN SSIDs.

VMware Workstation Pro

9800-CL Installation

WLC 9800 GUI Introduction

WLC 9800 Ethernet Port Configuration Overview

How To Create A Location and Add A PSK WLAN on WLC 9800

How To Provision An AP on WLC 9800 and Connect With A Client

How To Add A New WLAN With 8021X Flexconnect Options

Location Configuration and AP Provisioning

Creating Policies and Tags For Flex Location

AP Switchport Configuration and Configuring SSH on AP

Configuring SNMP on WLC

Command Line Interface on WLC 9800

Configuring VLANs on WLC

Configuring WLAN with 8021X Policy Tags and Profiles

Configuring Policy Tags on APs

Configuring WLC to Capture Packets

Configuring WLC to Capture Packets of AP Join Process

Configuring Radioactive Trace on WLC to Capture Client Authentication

Investigating Radioactive Trace Capture Output File

Investigating ISE Logs and Capture Output File

Troubleshooting WLAN SSID Connectivity Case 1

Troubleshooting WLAN SSID Connectivity Case 2

Who this course is for:

Network Engineers
Network Administrators
Wireless Network Engineers
Wireless Network Technicians
System Admins
System Technicians
Wireless Field Engineers

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