Ubuntu Linux : The Complete Course For Beginners 2019 | Udemy

Ubuntu Linux : The Complete Course For Beginners 2019 | Udemy
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This is a Single Course which Contains all the commands and Concept which a beginner must know in order to start his/her career.

The course Contains all HandsOn and error Handling Mechanism live:

Also all the commands and Required Lab Setup File is given as a link to directly download to save your time while googling it:

The Course Contains Are:

About Linux

About new features of Ubuntu

Concepts of using Virtual Box

Difference between Trying Ubuntu and Install Ubuntu

Networking Configuration in Ubuntu or any Linux

Different methods to deal with terminals of linux

Concept of SUDO and Why SUDO

How to update Packages in Linux

Concept of Packages

How to Install/Uninstall any Software to Linux using Terminal or CLI

How to Install/Uninstall any Software to Linux using Software Center or GUI

How to Install/Uninstall any Software to Linux using Debian Package

What is dpkg Manager

Launching an installed Application with Terminal without clicking GUI

Fixing Error with Software Center

Upgrading Technique Software Center to fix Bugs in new Ubuntu

The correct way to Read the Terminal

Folder Navigation

How to change to login mode to normal user to Root

Changing Root account Password

Changing Password of Any User who is not a root

pwd command

How to Deal with Hosts

Create your own Host in URL Format and ping it from Windows Machine

How TO Switch GUI to CLI mode and Vice Versa

Configuring IP address

Ifconfig not working in Ubuntu , how to Fix it new Ubuntu

Using Ubuntu From Windows Machine eg.. Terminals, Folders

Changing Theme of Terminal

Changing Theme of Lock Screen

File Command

File System in Linux

CRUD Operation in File ie.. Create Read Update Delete




Reading Logs to debug errors in Linux

Create Folder, Sub Folders

Remove Folders and Sub Folders

Renaming Files and Folders

Copying Files and Folder

Taking Backup

Zipping the File using Terminal

Unzipping Files using Terminal

TAR Operation

Extract the TAR

Gunzip Concept

Find vs Locate

File Permission

which command(favorite of java developer)

symbolic link

Hidden Files

.bashrc and .profile

Color Coding in Linux

Introduction to Process

Life Cycle Of Process

Types Of Process

Changing Priority Of Process

Killing tool to Kill Process

And Many More……

Who this course is for:
Linux Administrators
Linux Beginners
The Ideal Student for this course is a New Ubuntu or Linux User who wants to Learn how to Run and Manage the Ubuntu Operating System professionally.



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