The complete AutoCAD Automation tasks course Using Script | Udemy

The complete AutoCAD Automation tasks course Using Script | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
set Automation tasks by script without any codes or vba
use autocad commands copy and past
work with multiple files by excel and script
Write any script in autocad use excel
Draw object in autocad using excel and script.
create custom command
Learn autocad and excel tips and tricks
scripts for autocad
scripting in autocad
Autocad to excel
autocad scripting

Welcome to AutoCAD Advanced course Using Script For Automation tasks

In this course, I will share with you some AutoCAD tips and tricks to automate tasks

I will share with you more than 10 years of experience with AutoCAD

I will start with you from an AutoCAD user to an AutoCAD professional using script

Without any paid programs or any codes, only AutoCAD commands such as line polyline text point, rotation, open save

We will write a simple script until we write an advanced script in more than 2500 lines and commands.

In addition to creating new commands and customizing the user interface throw tool pallets or toolbar

We will also learn some functions and tricks in Excel

What you only need in this course is knowledge of the basics commands in Autocad and a little knowledge of Excel

At the end of this course, you will be able to short your time and work on Autocad

And you will get great results you will see magick in AutoCAD

drawing using script will start with a simple example and after that, we write an advanced script

Control for layouts and views and match line by script

create and manage layer

Work with multiple files by excel and script

create custom command

Who this course is for:
any one use autocad
Autocad to excel
scripts for autocad
autocad 2020
autocad script

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