STM32 Getting Started – Level1- Registers Programming | Udemy

STM32 Getting Started – Level1- Registers Programming | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
STM32 Programming Fundamentals
Registers Level programming
Minimum STM32 Project setup
Printf Terminal
Digital I/O
4-digits display
Analog Inputs ADC – All common modes
Serial Communication UART
I2C interface
SPI interface
TIM – PWM Output
TIM – Encoder Mode
TIM – Output Compare
External Interrupt
RTC – Realtime Clock
CRC – Cyclic Redundancy Checksum
Low Power Modes – Sleep, Stop and Standby
FLASH programming
SD Card File System
FreeRTOS Setup

The STM32 Getting Started – Registers Level programming is concerned with direct programming of STM32 registers without HAL library, using CMSIS and C-programming base project. This particular level of programming is an excellent way to get started with STM32 MCUs, it allows you understand and appreciate the low-level MCU Architecture and direct hardware level interactions. Register level programming knowledge is a must for people pursuing a career in Embedded STM32 Programming. In fact, HAL library implements Register Level code internally. In industry, having a deep level of understanding for the MCU is vital for producing highly reliable systems. Furthermore, at advanced industrial level, HAL libraries might not be certified for use, thus some independent libraries must be written based on Register Level, such as Space and Aviation industry.

Who this course is for:
Junior STM32 Embedded Systems Engineers who seek to obtain the core fundamental skills for long-term success in the Embedded Industry
STM32 Embedded Systems Students who want to go beyond their lecture notes and get their hand on fundamental programming skills and practical examples
Generally anyone who started STM32 programming but feels missing some core fundamental skills
Absolute beginners will benefit very well in the long-term if they started with this level – Registers Level

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