Smithsonian Ch. – 15 Shocking Ancient Secrets (2021)

Smithsonian Ch. – 15: Shocking Ancient Secrets (2021)
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15: Shocking Ancient Secrets
From a 2,400-year-old corpse in remarkable condition to how shrunken heads are made, these 15 ancient secrets will have you completely riveted.
Intro to ’15 Shocking Ancient Secrets’ The Vesuvius eruption may have been a gradual process It took a storm to lift the cover on this ancient Roman city The people of Pompeii often resorted to vigilante justice How the wealthy of Pompeii protected their valuables Was this pre-Viking gathering a prelude to a massacre? The valuable commodity behind King Solomon’s wealth This valuable Viking grave is missing something important Is this where humanity decided to settle down? This mysterious stone structure is older than Stonehenge This 2,400 year old corpse is in remarkable condition Here’s exactly how shrunken heads are made DNA analysis reveals troubling news about shrunken heads This mass grave discovery could alter Roman history Gladiator teeth reveal signs of infant malnourishment Evidence suggests Stonehenge was an elite cemetery

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