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After Effects is widely used to create motion graphics and visual effects. Creative professionals also use this powerful software to create cool animations. It is the Industry standard widely used by both professionals and enthusiasts. But what factors distinguish After Effects Professionals from beginners?

Expressions. Professionals write After Effects expressions to automate their tasks, speed up their work, saving time from things that beginners do a lot- Creating repetitive keyframes. Expressions also let you add various advanced functionalities allowing you more control over properties and attributes such as over time, frequency, amplitude, conditionals and loops, etc.

This course will teach you After Effects expressions right from the fundamentals, where you will learn various methods and ways to write expressions with practical lessons.

In this course you will be learning following variety of After Effects expressions:

Simple Wiggle Expression- Add motion to any object in terms of position, rotation, opacity, scale by manipulating its Frequency and Amplitude.
Time Expression- Speed up and slow down anything, make any object follow another object with time delay, etc
Value at Time method- Fetch coordinates or value of any transformation property of any object and pass it to another object’s transformation property based on time.
Math round- You can round off value of any property to its decimal value and can display it on the screen.
Loop In- Automate your workflow by repeating a set of keyframes (two, three, and more) right from the beginning of the timeline of a layer to the set keyframes. This method can save a lot of time used for setting repetitive keyframes.
Loop Out- Similar to Loop In, looping set of keyframes till the end of the timeline of a layer. It doesn’t start at the beginning of the time, rather from the time you set the looping keyframes.
Random method- You can generate random values within a range provided as parameters in the Random method. The generated values can be used to trigger various effects and change values of various transformation properties.
Length- This method can be used to calculate length of any change in values such as distance between two points, etc.
If Else- You can implement conditional logic to create advanced motion graphics. You can specify various conditions and actions to perform based on situations. It is one of the core building block of any programming language.
Time delay- You can trigger any effect on a object relative to other object’s time with and without any delay.


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