Robotic Process Automation: The Promise, the Patterns, and the Pitfalls | Livelessons

Robotic Process Automation: The Promise, the Patterns, and the Pitfalls | Livelessons
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Robotic process automation (RPA) and robotic desktop automation (RDA) are hot topics in IT right now. The latest stage in the evolution of business process automation, RPA tools provide the ability to create artificial workers to handle repetitive or mundane tasks, which can in turn lead to dramatic cost savings.

The demand for content related to RPA is surging, mainly because tactical guides currently do not exist. This field of software is maturing at a rapid pace and is being commoditized to the point where software bots work alongside humans for specific functions within an organization. In Robotic Process Automation LiveLessons Mike Ogrinz and John Checco demonstrate the significant benefits involved in this red-hot topic and how to get the most out of your automation platforms.

Within this growing field are some non-obvious drawbacks and pitfalls. Fragile automations can lead to production failures. Unmonitored usage can have undesirable, out-of-control side effects. And lack of oversight and control can create brittle interdependencies that stifle innovation and create governance challenges. This introductory LiveLessons video covers the basics as well as the gotchas.

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