Redefine FX – TyFlow DeepDive

Redefine FX – TyFlow DeepDive
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Expand your knowledge of 3D simulations & particle effects with 55+ new lessons, including a huge chapter on tyActors (generate crowds, animated characters, & ragdolls, combine multiple animations, blow them away with an explosion, destroy or catch them with ropes.), VDBs (generating volumes from objects & particles), custom properties (use custom floats, color particles by size, speed, age.), use textures to drive simulation behavior, generate & influence particles based on Phoenix liquid & smoke simulations, and go deeper on all major operators, including cloth simulations, comprehensive overview of the powerful Set Target operator (hang objects on ropes or connect actors with strings), new CUDA accelerated particle binds, splines, tearing, inflating, and so much more.

Learn From a Variety of New Setups Covering Every Major tyFlow Feature:
VDBs, Actors, Custom Properties, tyMesher, tySlicer, Cloth Sims, Tearing, Inflation, Phoenix FD everything, Particle Binds, .it’s all here.

All of the below examples were created to cover as wide a spectrum of skills as possible.

Cloth Peeling (loosely inspired by Asus Laptop Ads)
Use textures to control particle behavior, color by custom properties (inspired by Samsung OLED TV commercial)
Create this popular effect of soft bodies inflating as the sneaker hits ground (Inspired by Adidas Cloud Foam ads)
Particles Generated & Influenced by Phoenix FD Simulations (inspired by Samsung Galaxy S21 Launch Trailer)
VDB grow / subtract / fill / cut volumes with particles
Create strings between objects with particle binds
tyflow particle binds cuda cloth – CUDA particle binds – create thousands of strands of hair / fur and influence with forces, color with a gradient map
tyflow growth – Organic Growth – fills objects and is colored by age with custom properties
tyflow explosion – Activate & affect ragdolls with Phoenix forces (e.g. blow away with explosion)
tyflow ropes actors helicopter – Combine multiple Biped Animations (meaning they can run, jump, then turn into ragdolls & get attached to a rope). And yes, I’ll show you how to do the lighting & rendering too instead of leaving you at a clay viewport preview
tyflow tyactors – Turn actors into cloth or PhysX objects / Inflate or destroy them
tyflow crowd simulation – Turn animated actors into PhysX ragdolls, triggered by other events in the scene (such as a truck wiping them out)
tyflow balloons – Confidently use Set Target, Link to Target, & many other operators to connect actors together with ropes, then attach cuda cloth balloons to those ropes. A funny yet effective exercise in understanding tyFlow on a deeper level.
tyflow tyactors crowd simulation – Combine several character animations and trigger them by conditions (they jump if there’s an obstacle then transition back to running etc. ) Blend between animations for smooth transitions.
Create a crowd of zombies climbing up a tower. They turn into ragdolls upon reaching the top & fall back down, hitting their fellow zombie friends along the way. Bind Pose Matching makes them move around even after they hit the ground.
tyflow phoenix fd liquid color by speed – Liquid color by velocity with Phoenix & tyFlow
tyflow hang object ropes – Hang objects on ropes, generate binds between surfaces, cut ropes with tySlicer
tyflow explosion voxels – Use Phoenix FD sim data to color tyFlow particles.
tyflow reveal 3ds max – Detailed object reveals
tyflow cloth tearing – Phoenix FD Cloth tearing
tyflow set target balloons vdb packing – Use the VDB Sphere packing feature, Set target & connect with strings
tyflow particle physics texture – Use textures to control the look and behavior of particles
tyflow particles custom properties – Particle physics, scale & color based on conditions
Cloth Splitting
Metal net / cuda cloth

.and so much more


you have a basic knowledge of tyFlow (perhaps you’ve taken the Basecamp) and want to go deeper
you’re a 3D artist looking to redefine your skillset & attract better projects / premium clients
you’re fascinated by 3D simulations & you’re ready to have a blast making cool stuff
you want to stand out on social media with #satisfying simulations
you want to speed up the learning process & take the shortcut to actual results

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