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Pro Unreal Engine Game Coding | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Game programming wisdom from an industry veteran still working at the forefront
A series of very deep dives into the code behind the game GRIP: Combat Racing
How to go from having a game idea with zero code, all the way up to final implementation
How to setup Unreal Engine both from stock build and from source code
Using Perforce version control and how to work effectively within a team
How to use the Unreal Engine Editor
Coding standards and best practices
Common programming problems and their common solutions
Writing readable, maintainable, yet fast and efficient code
Advanced C++ to buff those coding chops
Mathematical magic for solving many common coding problems
Complex vector mathematics for working effectively in a 3D game world
Understanding the Unreal Engine object framework for creating professional games
Graphics programming to create and use materials, particle systems and procedural geometry
Audio programming to create and use sound cues, classes and mixers
Understanding vehicle dynamics and building a physics model from the ground up
Understanding artificial intelligence and building an autonomous vehicle bot
Understanding cameras and how to make your game shine
How to create a pickup system featuring weapons and other power-ups
How to implement those weapons and power-ups, from a simple turbo to a homing missile
How to modify the Unreal Engine source code itself, and perform upgrades to the engine

Hey there, and welcome to the course, Pro, Unreal Engine, Game Coding. aka, the Black Book, but why the Black Book? Well, just watch the short preview video if you want the full experience. But if you like reading, then around 25 years ago, when I was just entering the games industry, there emerged just such a black book. A book of graphics programming, full of coding voodoo written by the programming powerhouse that is Michael Abrash. And this black book, took many coders like myself, from being merely competent, to being able to produce something akin to magic on the screen. It was legendary.

Naturally, a lot has changed since then, and in this course we’ve crafted a new black book for a new generation, a series of masterclasses in Unreal Engine game coding for the 2020s. I want to give you guys, what it was, that Michael Abrash gave my generation. I’m going to take you from being an Unreal Engine virgin, to being a real pro, and a prized asset to any employer.

My last game, GRIP: Combat Racing, will be the focus for the latter half of this course, and we’ll get to see an awful lot of what’s going on under the hood there. We’re going to expose all of its secrets. This journey will take you from being a C++ novice, all the way up to writing the most challenging racing game I’ve ever been involved with, and I’ve written a few. But if that sounds terrifying, don’t worry, we’ve got this. We can do this, together.

I’ll be presenting in a no-nonsense style, side-stepping a lot of the hokum you don’t need to know, focusing intently on the stuff you really do, and providing rock-solid examples of how to apply what you’ll be taught here. This is not academia, this is real-world getting it done, and getting it done well kind of coding. This is stuff taken straight from the battlefield of game development. After firmly establishing all of the fundamentals, I’ll be imbuing you with tricks and techniques, algorithms and insights, gathered from decades of coding experience that you can apply across many game genres. We’re going to turn you, into an Unreal Engine Ninja.

So get ready coder one, because we’ve got work to do.

Who this course is for:
Game coders wanting to work in Unreal Engine
Game coders wanting to take their skills to the top

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