PluralSight – Uploading Files With A JavaScript REST API

PluralSight – Uploading Files With A JavaScript REST API-REBAR
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This course will teach you what options you have for sending files from client-side web applications to the server. You’ll also learn what to do with them once they’re there.
Web applications are responsible for managing a lot of different types of data. Strings of text are used for names and descriptions, dates are used to track what happened when, and numbers are used to quantify and measure an application’s data. Among these data types, files present a unique set of challenges to manage securely and efficiently. In this course, Uploading Files with a JavaScript REST API, you’ll learn about the options you have for uploading files from the browser to the server. First, you’ll explore how to handle a single file at a time. Next, you’ll expand your knowledge by examining how to upload multiple files at a single time. Finally, you’ll learn how to manage the files once they get to the server. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of uploading files with JavaScript needed to choose the most effective option for your use-case and implement it efficiently.
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Title: Pluralsight Uploading Files with a JavaScript REST API
Date: 17-08-2020
Type: Bookware
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