Part B – Networking Projects – Implement TCP/IP Stack in C | Udemy

Part B – Networking Projects – Implement TCP/IP Stack in C | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Working with Timers in Networking Domain
How to implement Networking Oriented Algorithms
Implement Callback Registration Model
Parsing and Cooking Network Packets
Notification Chains
Developing more realistic virtual Networking Device environment

Welcome to the Part-B of the TCP/IP Stack Development Course Series. This is a sequel course to Part-A in which we implemented a pseudo TCP/IP Stack working in Virtualized topology.

In this Course, We shall be implementing more advanced and additional features to our Pseudo TCP/IP Stack and would try to impart a more realistic flavor to it.

We will resume from where we left in Part-A. If you have signed up for this course, I presume you have completed Part-A of the course and we are ready for another roller coaster ride into our project.

This course is Advanced as compared to Part-A. In this course we will learn some more aspects of TCP/IP stack and in general, how Networking software is developed. You will not only doing Networking Based Programming but also, you will continue doing a typical Linux based System Programming development as Networking is strongly tied to System Programming.

Student Level: Intermediate to Advanced to Working Professionals, Beginners in Coding pls excuse this course.

Table of Contents

1. What is this Course all about?

2. Project 1 : Interface Management and Statistics

Enable/Disable an Interface

Gathering Interface Rx/Tx Statistics

3. Project 2 : Implementing the Packet Generator

Create and Feed Pkt stream into Topology

4. Project 3 : Implementing Routing Table Construction Algorithm

Designing Data Structure

Shortest Path First Algorithm in Detail

Implementation Strategy

Testing SPF Algorithm Implementation

Route Calculation

5. Project 4 : Logging Infra

Track Ingress and Egress pkts per device per interface

Track L3 Path taken by a pkt from src to dst

6. Project 5 : Notification Chains

Introduction to NFC

Understand with the help of Example

Writing a Generic NOTIF Infra code

Writing TCP/IP Stack NFC

Implement Publisher Subscriber APIs

See NFC in Action

7. Project 6 : Working with Timers

Implementing Ageism

Implement Timer State Machine

Who this course is for:
Those who have finished Part A (Prequel Course)
Who want to learn System and Network Programming

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