Palo Alto Firewall Panorama Advance Training | PCNSE | Udemy

Palo Alto Firewall Panorama Advance Training | PCNSE | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Configure and Manage multiple Palto Alto Firewall via Panorama
Understand Palo Alto Firewalls Deployment Methods using Panorama
Palo Alto interface Type, with industry use cases and its deployment via the Panorama
Understand how to deploy Palo Alto Firewalls using Panorama in Branch, Data Centre and Cloud Environment
Understand and Configure Palo Alto Firewalls Security Policies, Shared, pre, Post and local Rules and deployment via the Panorama
Understand and configure Palo Alto Firewalls NAT, Static NAT, Port Forwarding via the Panorama
Understand and configuration of User ID Integration and industry use cases via Panorama
Understand and configuration of Security Profiles and Group like AntiSpyware, AntiVirus, IPS configuration via Panorama
Understand and configure SSL Decryption using Panorama and creating exception
Understand and configure WildFire, URL filtering, Whitelisting URL with industry use cases
Understand and configure App-ID, App-group, App-Filtering, creation of custom app and deployment and testing via Panorama
Understand and configure the advance Feature of Palo Alto Firewall, like Policy Based Forwarding, Application Override, QOS, DDOS, Tunnel Inspection via Panorama
Understand and Configure the Palo Alto to Palo Site to Site VPN via Panorama
Understand and Configure the Palo Alto to Multivendor VPN like Juniper SRX, Check Point , Cisco router, Cisco ASA, Cisco FTD, and Fortinet Firewall via Panorama
Understand and Configure the Palo Alto Global Protect via Panorama
Understand the industry best practices to Design, deploy, manage and optimise Security Rules in Panorama
Understand Palo Alto Packet Capture and other Troubleshooting Technique

Welcome to Palo Alto PCNSE with the Panorama NextGen Firewall training program *****Videos only****)

“Palo Alto is an industry leader in the next-gen Firewall”. The course covers the
Palo Alto Firewall “basis to advance”, concepts in a most practical way ensuring that delegates not only pass the exam but are also ready for a real-world environment.

It not only covers the PCNSE topic but also provides industry use cases like whitelisting of application, web-filtering, Threats, industry best practices, rules modification, Troubleshooting, and day-to-day support and become a Palo Alto Firewall Consultant.

About Trainer!!

Taught by an expert in Networking and cybersecurity with 22+ years of experience, this course is designed based on one philosophy in mind “Learn Today and apply Tomorrow”.

The videos are created in a more fun way and with a practical approach in mind so delegates can master next-gen firewalling in Palo Alto and be ready to serve in any type of organization.


The course has been designed for delegates who are not just looking to just pass the exam but looking to

· Architect

· Consult

· Configure /Setup

· Deploy

· Support /BAU

· Troubleshoot and day to day administer the “Palo Alto Firewalls using the Panorama”

After completion, you will have the ability to design, implement, maintain, and troubleshoot advanced Palo Alto product features.

This course will provide you with full coverage of the multiple domains of the Palo alto exam:

1. Management

2. Design and overview,

3. Network Setup

4. Routing and Basic infrastructure

5. Security and NAT Rules

6. Services

7. URL

8. Threats

9. App-ID

10. Advance Features like Policy-Based forwarding (PBF)

11. Tunnel inspection

12. App-Override

13. SSL decryption

14. Site to Site VPN with multiple Vendors

15. RVPN – Global Protect

This course stays current and up to date with the latest release of the Palo Alto Firewall with Panorama exam and provides a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the quality of this course for any reason!

Palo Alto PCNSE Self-paced digital Learning program | Sold Separately


***30 Days Lab with industry use cases (workbook)***

The course has included videos only with industry use cases and has been demonstrated on our pre-build physical LAB.

For an ultimate hands-on practical experience why not, contact us and book your

· HD Quality Videos by Udemy

· 30 Days LAB access via the Remote VPN

· 100+ workbook Setup by step-by-step configuration guide (some are attached)

· Trainer Support where applicable

Who this course is for:
Delegate who is Looking to deploy Palo Alto using Panorama
This course is for students trying to learn the Palo Alto Firewall and looking to Pass the exam PCNSE exam
Any Network or Security Engineer want to design, deploy Palo Alto Firewall using panorama
IT Security engineer working day to day in Palo Alto and Panorama environment
Any Network and Security engineer who is looking to
Any delegate who is looking to become a consultant in Palo Alto environment

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