Packt – Build a Multiplayer Kart Racing Game in Unity 2019

Packt – Build a Multiplayer Kart Racing Game in Unity 2019-XQZT
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This course will get you hands-on with putting together your own kart racing game in a systematic way. It will guide you through constructing a single-player experience with intelligent NPC components from scratch and then adding on networking functionality with a Photon master server to create a multiplayer game.
The course begins with a detailed explanation of Unity’s vehicle physics system. You ll go on to construct a four-wheeler car from scratch using wheel colliders and rigidbodies. You ll test every setting and check the different functionalities to achieve the right balance of skid acceleration, braking, and weight. Next, you ll transfer this system to a top-quality kart model and place it in a racing track environment, adding artificial intelligence mechanics to develop non-player character vehicles that can effectively drive around the track while avoiding or in some cases bumping other players. A dedicated section will help you calculate race places and add a heads-up display (HUD) containing a rear view camera mini-map and player leader board. Moving ahead, you’ll learn how to implement a camera-following script that you can use to switch between players for differing points of view. Once you ve completed the single player game, you ll use the Photon API to set up a master server and then add multiplayer functionality to the game, which will enable you to play with your friends. Toward the end, you will learn how to create your own server, send remote procedure calls to other players and instantiate networked objects, including AI characters.
By the end of this course, you will have gained the skills you need to confidently create exciting multiplayer kart racing games using Unity.

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