O’Reilly – Modern Container-based DevOps – Managing Microservices using Kubernetes and Docker

O’Reilly – Modern Container-based DevOps – Managing Microservices using Kubernetes and Docker
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Modern Container-Based DevOps LiveLessons: Managing Microservices using Kubernetes and Docker is designed to explain containers and Microservices, as well as how to deploy them easily using Kubernetes. This course will guide the user through the procedure of moving to microservices step-by-step, first in theory, and then in practice, with the end-of-lesson Labs.

Modern Container-Based DevOps LiveLessons: Managing Microservices using Kubernetes and Docker focuses on how to run microservices in Docker and Kubernetes by exploring all the vital components in a microservices architecture. After exploring them step-by-step, the end-of-lesson labs throughout the course will put them into practice. By the end of the course, the user will be able to build their own full microservice running on Kubernetes!

The course starts by guiding the user through the concept of microservices, explaining fundamentals and other components in IT that play a vital role in obtaining a microservices architecture. It then digs deeper, including how to use Git, and work with and manage containers using Docker as well as Podman on RHEL 8. The course then covers how to perform daily container management tasks, and works its way through managing container images, storage, and networking. This will give you a solid understanding of the container fundamentals.

The course then discusses implementing microservices with container orchestration platforms and how to work with Kubernetes. In the final lesson, microservices-oriented components that are offered by the Kubernetes platform will be covered, and the course project will be finalized, providing the user with the skills they can immediately apply in their day jobs!

Topics include:

Module 1: Microservices Essentials Overview
Module 2: Managing Containers
Module 3: Implementing Full Microservices with Container Orchestration Platforms

About the Instructor

Sander van Vugt has been teaching Linux classes since 1995 and has written more than 60 books about different Linux-related topics, including the best-selling RHCSA-RHCE 7 Cert Guide. Sander is also the author of more than 25 video courses, including the CKAD and CKA Complete Video Courses. He teaches courses for customers around the world, and is also a regular speaker on major conferences related to open source software. Sander is also the founder of the Living Open Source Foundation, a non-profit organization that teaches open source to talent in different African countries.

Skill Level


Learn How To

Manage a complete container-based datacenter
Use containers in Docker and Kubernetes to run microservices
Manage containers, using Docker as well as Podman on RHEL 8
Manage container images, storage, and networking
Implement microservices with container orchestration platforms
Work with Kubernetes
Build your own full microservice that runs on Kubernetes!

Who Should Take This Course

Modern Container-Based DevOps: Managing Microservices using Kubernetes and Docker aims at IT professionals that want to manage Microservices-based solutions as containers in Kubernetes. Target audience roles:

IT Administrators
DevOps Engineers
Software Developers
IT Architects
Hybrid Cloud Administrators

Course Requirements

Basic understanding of Linux

Lesson Descriptions

Module 1, “Microservices Essentials Overview,” introduces the microservices essentials, including what they are, why Git is so important, and how containers fit into the picture. The last lesson explains everything that’s going on in containers. The labs for this course focus on guiding you through the procedure of moving to microservices step-by-step, which starts in Module 1.

Module 2, “Managing Containers,” explains how to work with containers, including Docker containers and Podman. The lesson covers the common daily container management tasks, including container images, container storage, and container networking.

Module 3, “Implementing Full Microservices with Container Orchestration Platforms,” explores container orchestration platforms, which provide the perfect way of managing microservices in an enterprise environment. In this lesson Kubernetes, the most significant container orchestration platform, is also introduced. The final lesson will have users finalizing their course project and learning how to create container-based microservices in Kubernetes.

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