Microsoft Excel: Basic to intermediate | Udemy

Microsoft Excel: Basic to intermediate | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Gain basic to intermediate level skills in Excel 2016, 2019 & 365
Create worksheets and workbooks: Create blank and populated workbooks
Navigate in worksheets/workbooks
Format worksheets/workbooks: Manage worksheet attributes; manage rows and columns;
Change the appearance of workbook contents
Search for data
Navigate to special cells or ranges, workbook elements; link to internal/external locations
Manage worksheet attributes
Searching for items within worksheet
Manage rows and columns
Modify page setup
Insert header and footer
Add worksheets; move/copy worksheets; import data
Hide/unhide contents
Modify the display of worksheets
Customize the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)
Configure printing
Manage cells and ranges
Manage data cells and ranges
Format cells and ranges: styles, wrapping, number formats
Summarize and organize data
Insert Sparklines, Outline data and insert subtotals
Add/remove table rows and columns
Create and manage tables
Apply styles to tables
Sort and filter tables
Remove duplicates table entries
Summarize data by using functions
Perform conditional operations by using functions (SUMIFS, AVERAGEIFS…)
Format and modify text by using functions
Create charts and objects
Using the camera tool and images for data visualization

Desktop computing proficiency is increasingly important in today’s business world. When screening, hiring, and training employees, employers can feel reassured of the value of your Excel skills irrespective of your role in the organization.

In this basic to intermediate Microsoft Excel course, we assume that you have used Excel for at least 6 months and you know how to enter data into cells and how to perform basic operations such as adding two numbers in a cell (=12+90), and how to perform basic cell references (=A1+A2). At the end of your training you will master the most important Excel tools to confidently handle any task within the confines of this course. This course will give you a solid foundation to build on to a more advanced Excel exploration. I believe you will be surprised how much you have learned after you finish your training. We take you step by step from the fundamentals and build you up gradually. If you want a solid foundation on which to build your Excel skills for further and more advanced exploration, this course will definitely help with your goal:

Get up to speed with the basic to intermediate operations in Excel2016/2019/365

Review Excel basics – worksheets, formulas, functions, and charts

Learn to handle data in many ways, including importing, cleaning, and analyzing

Master useful Excel tools, such as Sparklines, and Flash Fill

Analyze your data with tables

Use named ranges

Work through sample workbooks

Create named formulas and constants to to hide from sheet

Create charts and objects

Learn to configure printer options and save for future use – don’t event the wheel every time

Learn to use the Camera tool to help design dashboards

Plenty of hands-on exercises with solved workbooks

Learn to provide Shapes to your workbooks to supply information to users, link to files and attach macros

Navigate through your workbook

This course is taught by a Microsoft Certified Excel Expert, and an author of 2 excel books. Learn from the expert. Let us join hands in your upward Excel journey

Who this course is for:
Exam MO-200 and 77-727
Report Developers who need the fundamental operations of Excel
Business Students
Business Analysts who massage data in Excel
Managers who need to perform ad-hoc data analysis with Excel

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