Mastering BIND DNS | Udemy

Mastering BIND DNS | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
DNS Introduction
DNS Lab Setup Details
Implement Master DNS Server
What are Resource Records
What is Start of Authority (SOA) Type Record
NS, MX, CNAME, A, PTR Types Record
What are Zone Files.
Types of DNS Queries
How Iterative Query Works
How Recursive Query Works
Hybrid Query
Implement Slave DNS Server
How Communications between Master & Slave DNS Happens
How To Test DNS Server
Round Robin DNS
Using DNS utilities nslookup, host and dig
Name Based Virtual Hosting Using DNS
IP Based Virtual Hosting Using DNS
Split Namespace

DNS is critical component of networking. But very few persons are capable of handling DNS properly. This course will start from basic and slowly and slowly will takes you towards advanced concepts. For this course, we are using CentOS 7 Linux distribution and implementing BIND DNS.

This course will cover how to configure Master DNS, Slave DNS, Round Robin DNS, Split View, Named & IP Based Hosting in professional way. You will learn how to implement DNS server in a Linux Environment. Different Scenarios will be discussed.

How to setup the different labs required for this course has been covered. How to test DNS Server using host, nslookup and dig utilities. How the communication between master and slave DNS works What are resource records, zone files and types of queries will be covered.

Who this course is for:
Anyone who wants to handle DNS on Linux

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