Learning WireGuard | LinkedIn

Learning WireGuard | LinkedIn
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[Scott] WireGuard allows us to set up secure network tunnels between devices. It’s increasingly popular and as part of the modern Linux kernel. Though support for WireGuard is also available on all major platforms. I’m Scott Simpson, and if you’re curious to learn about WireGuard, I hope you’ll join me in this LinkedIn Learning course where we’ll explore the basics of how WireGuard works. We’ll take a look at setting up a tunnel completely manually, and then we’ll explore tools that make the process quicker and easier once we understand what’s going on behind the scenes. We’ll take a look at creating a private mesh network between multiple peers, and it will also spend some time configuring, routing, and forwarding so we can use a WireGuard system as a general purpose VPN provider. WireGuard is efficient and secure making it a popular technology for building private networks that can span the globe. Let’s go.



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