Learn RabbitMQ: In-Depth Concepts from Scratch with Demos | Udemy

Learn RabbitMQ: In-Depth Concepts from Scratch with Demos | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Understand about the need of messaging and message brokers
Know about RabbitMQ and it different types of exchanges.
Know about AMQP protocol and message flow in RabbitMQ
Learn about RabbitMQ setup in linux and windows machines.
Learn to control RabbitMQ behaviour using Environment variables and RabbitMQ config file
Learn to setup RabbitMQ management console and manage RabbitMQ resources using the console
Understand and setup RabbitMQ clustering and resource sharing
Learn synchronous and asynchronous communication with RabbitMQ
Learn differtent messaging patterns in RabbitMQ
Understand and setup shovels in rabbitMQ
Understand and setup Federations in rabbitMQ
Understand and setup High Availability in RabbitMQ with failover mechanism
Learn to automate RabbitMQ management operations

This is the most comprehensive, yet straight-forward, course for RabbitMQ Message Brokers! If you want to learn each and every RabbitMQ concepts in a shorter span of time, then this course is for you. I have designed this course considering both beginners and experienced students.

With over 35 lectures this comprehensive course covers all topics. This course includes animated presentation, demos and supplemental Resources

This course will help you to learn RabbitMQ Message Brokers in a practical manner, with every Chapter having at least one demo lecture. Fifty percent of this course is focused on delivering demos, which helps you to learn RabbitMQ in practical way and you will be ready to work on RabbitMQ on completing this course

Below are returns you get by investing your time and money on this course:

1.You are getting access to a course which covers all topics in RabbitMQ Message Brokers, by leaving no stones unturned

2. Practical demos on every concept will give you an end-to-end picture on RabbitMQ concepts

3. You will gain confidence and knowledge to work on RabbitMQ

4. You will get exposure to advanced concepts in RabbitMQ like Clustering, High Availabilty, Shovels and Federation

This course is structured in following way:

Part1 – Introduction and Basic Concepts
Part2 – AMQP Protocol, RabbitMQ message Flow and Exchanges
Part3 – RabbitMQ installation in Linux & windows, Management console Setup and overview of management console, RabbitMQ environment Variable
Part4 – RabbitMQ clustering and resource sharing, Introduction to PyCharm and Publisher/Consumer Application
Part5 – RabbitMQ Asynchronous/Synchronous Communication and Message Patterns
Part6 – RabbitMQ Shovels and Federation
Part7 – High Availability & Failover
Part8 – RabbitMQ command-line tools and REST APIs
Who this course is for:
Anyone who want to learn RabbitMQ from scratch
People who want to learn and setup RabbbitMQ in a short span of time
People who want to understand and automate RabbitMQ management operations
People who want to develop applications that publish messages to RabbitMQ or consume messages from RabbitMQ



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