Lead & Empower Agile Teams To Achieve Success | Udemy

Lead & Empower Agile Teams To Achieve Success | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
How Agile teams respond to management practices in their environments
The importance and benefits of empowering a team to be successful
Self-organisation in teams and how this enables creativity and improved product
How large organisational hierarchies dampen team innovation & collaboration
Agile practices allow teams to set their own deadlines and manage their own work
Empowered expert teams drive exponential success through innovation
Teams need empowerment, support and trust to get on with their job
Question based leadership is better than command style management
Servant leadership lifts others through service to the team objectives
Managers can put their organisational authority at the disposal of the team
Trust based leadership supports and empowers collaborative team environments

This course teaches you the practical steps you can take to uplift your Agile team environment to improve sentiment, drive collaboration and achieve the benefits of Agile principles. Whether you are a manager, coach or team member this course will give you the insights you need to empower your team for success and greater productivity. If you lack confidence with Agile leadership and struggle to create optimal team environments then this course will boost your influence and make you a better leader.

Drawing on my PhD research into Agile teams around the world, I teach exactly what I learnt from interviewing 25 senior Agile leaders from 5 different continents. Find out exactly how Agile teams can flourish despite being in traditional organisations with established management practices of hierarchy and command. You can have success with Agile under these conditions, but it depends on your leadership practices in the team environment. Do this course and learn how to put the right practices into place so that you can benefit from an empowered team that is more productive, collaborative and effective.

In this course you will learn:

Servant leadership and how this practically helps teams succeed

The importance of trust and the role you play in developing trusted relationships

The relationship between team sentiment and empowerment

Why teams need to be empowered, supported and trusted to get their work done

How my research developed ground breaking insights about team environments

How Agile principles are in conflict with traditional management practices of large organisations

Get engaging 1:1 lessons, downloadable resources, wipeboard lessons as well as a slide-based explanation of what I learned while researching Agile teams around the world. If you are a manager, coach, or leader in an Agile team environment, you will need to be thinking about how you empower your teams to be successful. Whether in a physical or virtual team set up, these practices and principles will make you a better leader and help your team succeed.

Who this course is for:
Managers, leaders, coaches and team members in Agile environments



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