Lawrence Wright (2020) The End of October

Lawrence Wright (2020) The End of October
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In this riveting medical thriller – from the Pulitzer Prize winner and best-selling author – Dr. Henry Parsons, an unlikely but appealing hero, races to find the origins and cure of a mysterious new killer virus as it brings the world to its knees.
At an internment camp in Indonesia, 47 people are pronounced dead with acute hemorrhagic fever. When Henry Parsons – microbiologist, epidemiologist – travels there on behalf of the World Health Organization to investigate, what he finds will soon have staggering repercussions across the globe: An infected man is on his way to join the millions of worshipers in the annual Hajj to Mecca. Now, Henry joins forces with a Saudi prince and doctor in an attempt to quarantine the entire host of pilgrims in the holy city….
A Russian emige, a woman who has risen to deputy director of US Homeland Security, scrambles to mount a response to what may be an act of biowarfare…. Already-fraying global relations begin to snap, one by one, in the face of a pandemic…. Henry’s wife, Jill, and their children face diminishing odds of survival in Atlanta…. And the disease slashes across the United States, dismantling institutions – scientific, religious, governmental – and decimating the population. As packed with suspense as it is with the fascinating history of viral diseases, Lawrence Wright

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