Kotlin for Android & Java Developers: Clean Code on Android | Udemy

Kotlin for Android & Java Developers: Clean Code on Android | Udemy
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What You’ll Learn
How to set up all you need for Android development using Kotlin (e.g. how to install Android Studio)
The basics of Kotlin: variables, null safety, immutability, conditionals, loops, functions, exception handling
Functional programming in Kotlin: higher-order functions, lambda expressions, lazy evaluation, lazy sequences, the Kotlin standard library
Object-oriented programming in Kotlin: all you know from Java + data classes, extension functions, smart casts, object declarations, differences from Java concerning inheritance

Android development with Kotlin: creating activities, layouts, menus, click listeners, working around unnecessarily complex Android APIs, improving SQLite transactions with extension functions, avoiding null in your code

Who this course is for:
Android developers
Java developers
Anyone with some programming experience who wants to learn Kotlin for Android

What you’ll learn
Write clean code with Kotlin
Avoid ceremony and boilerplate code around Android APIs
Use functional programming to write concise, expressive code
Create Android apps with Kotlin
Write readable SQLite transactions using extension functions in Kotlin
Use the Kotlin Android Extensions to avoid findViewById()
Create multiple activities, layouts and menus

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