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Khawar Butt – Implementing a Cisco ASA Firewall 9.X – All-in-One | Udemy
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This course is an in-depth look at Python dictionaries.

Dictionaries are ubiquitous in Python. Classes are essentially dictionaries, modules are dictionaries, namespaces are dictionaries, sets are dictionaries and many more.

In this course we’ll take an in-depth look at:

associative arrays and how they can be implemented using hash maps

hash functions and how we can leverage them for our own custom classes

Python dictionaries and sets and the various operations we can perform with them

specialized dictionary structures such as OrderedDict and how it relates to the built-in Python3.6+ dict

Python’s implementation of multi-sets, the Counter class

the ChainMap class

how to create custom dictionaries by inheriting from the UserDict class

how to serialize and deserialize dictionaries to JSON

the use of schemas in custom JSON deserialization

a brief introduction to some useful libraries such as JSONSchema, Marshmallow, PyYaml and Serpy

***** Prerequisites *****

Please note that this is a relatively advanced Python course, and a strong knowledge of some topics in Python is required.

Beyond the basics of Python (loops, conditional statements, exception handling, built-in data types, creating classes, etc), you should also have an in-depth understanding of the following topics:

functions and functional programming (recursion, *args, **kwargs, zip, map, sorted, any, all, etc)

lambdas, closures and decorators (including standard decorators such as @singledispatch, @wraps, etc)

iterables, iterators, generators and context managers

named tuples

variable scopes and namespaces (globals, locals, etc)

For this course you will also need to install some 3rd party libraries, so you need to be comfortable with doing this using the tool of your choice (e.g. pip, conda, etc)
This course teaches you how to implement the Cisco ASA Firewall from scatch. No Firewall knowledge is required. The topics covered include the following:
• Basic Configuration

• Interface configuration

• Security Levels

• Management [Telnet / SSH]

• Routing [RIPv2, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP]

• NAT [Dynamic/Static NAT, Dynamic/Static PAT, Manual NAT]

• Access Policies

• Transparent firewall

• Initialization

• Access policies

• Ethertype ACLs

• Redundancy

• Redundant Interfaces

• Port-channels

• Security Contexts

• Failover [Active/Standby & Active/Active]

• Clustering

• Deep-Packet Inspection using MPF

• Tuning the global policy

• Configuring custom L7 policy


• Site – To – Site IPSec

• Site – To – Site – NAT – T

• Remote access

• Web VPN

• AnyConnect



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