Joins, partition functions, and CTE in Transact SQL 2019 | Udemy

Joins, partition functions, and CTE in Transact SQL 2019 | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Learn all the ways to write and rewrite a join
Discover the power of CTE (Common Table Expression) and partition functions (ROW_NUMBER, OVER PARTITION BY…)

✅ If you really want to become proficient in TSQL, frankly you won’t find anywhere else a course as in-depth as this one…

✅ If you are a regular BI user, this course could be very useful for your SSIS and Powerbi developments.

✅ If you are a developer, this course could help you to develop your TSQL knowledge in depth.

✅ Almost everywhere in the world of SQL, come to this course to discover all the facets and pitfalls to avoid when writing your knuckles.

✅ So come and improve your Transact SQL, in this course you will be welcome.

✅ There will also be exercises to do and correct in this course 🙂

Who this course is for:
Beginners who don’t know anything about SQL Server, and who want to get started.
Future Database Administrators (DBAs)
Developers who want to learn about TSQL
BI consultants working on technologies other than SQL Server (Oracle etc…)

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