Java Virtual Threads and Continuations | Udemy

Java Virtual Threads and Continuations | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Understanding the Scalability problems of Java Threads
Hands On and Theoretical understanding of Virtual Threads
Hands On and Theoretical understanding of Delimited Continuations
Understanding the internal Implementation of Virtual Threads
Understanding why Virtual Threads is a game changer for Non Blocking IO
Understanding advantages of Virtual Threads over Reactive frameworks

There are times when Java Developers have to learn new programming paradigms to remain relevant. We saw this during Functional programming with streams and then again with Reactive programming using Non Blocking IO. Virtual Threads and Continuations introduce important changes to concurrency that we as Java Developers should know.

Project Loom in a new revolutionary initiative in OpenJDK to create a Lightweight implementation of Threads called Virtual Threads. This initiative to rethink Java Threads started in 2018 and is not yet in production but early access builds are available to test it out. This implementation promises to revolutionize the way non blocking code is written. Instead of relying on complex Reactive programming, Java developers can now write code sequentially and still achieve the same result in many cases. This will be one of the most extensive changes in the Java Platform and it will be a game changer for writing highly scalable applications. Existing code can also take advantage of this new technology with minor modifications.

Every Java Developer should know about this new initiative which will revolutionize writing Non Blocking code.

In this course, you will learn the following

What is the reason behind scalability issues of Java Platform Threads ?

What are Virtual Threads and how are they different from Platform Threads ?

How do Virtual Threads work and why it’s a game changer ?

What are Delimited Continuations ?

How do we use Virtual Threads with Completable Futures and Futures ?

How are Virtual Threads implemented using Continuations ?

Join me in exploring Project Loom using a step-by-step and Hands-On approach to learning. By the end of the course, you will have an excellent grasp of Virtual Threads and Continuations and how they can be used to write highly scalable Java applications.

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Note : Project Loom is not yet in Production. However, we can write code using the Early Access Build, learn about this revolutionary technology and be ready when the Project eventually goes into Production.

Who this course is for:
Java Developers who want to understand Java Virtual Threads and Continuations
Java Architects who want to know how Java Threads will change in the future

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