Islands of Inner Peace Guided Visualizations

Islands of Inner Peace Guided Visualizations
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Experience an innovative way to life-enhancing benefits while connecting with what matters most. These short, mood-shifting films help create daily “islands” of inner peace in the midst of “oceans” filled with distractions, obligations and stress.

Each of these inspiring short films combines the wise words from a respected humanitarian leader with music composed specifically to accompany those thoughts and gorgeous footage from the world of nature. The result is an intoxicating brew of aesthetic beauty designed to mesmerize you into a few minutes of rare inner calm and renewal, offering benefits that can often last for hours.

With music by Emmy Award-winning composer-producer Gary Malkin and images by award-winning cinematographer David Fortney, these innovative gems of mindfulness practice are designed to nourish by opening the heart, inspiring the soul and awakening the spirit.

The Stillness Is You: Whispering the Mystery with Deepak Chopra

Have you ever tried to train a puppy? Our minds are like puppies, constantly reacting to things within and around us. When recording these tracks, Deepak Chopra described an essential quality that can help us to cultivate inner and outer fulfillment by saying that “It’s essential to recognize that who you truly are is not that person who is constantly in reaction. You are the stillness between your thoughts.”

As you breathe with this short film, you can experience that “witness within” who finds stillness in the midst of just about anything. Strengthening that into a cultivated practice through meditation can help you to not only come home to yourself, but as Gandhi once said, you can “become the change you wish to see in the world.”

Deepak Chopra is the author of more than fifty books translated into over thirty-five languages, heralded by Time magazine as one of the top 100 heroes and icons of the century and credits him as “the poet-prophet of alternative medicine.”

Franciscan Blessing: Receiving Grace

Nobel Peace Prize-nominee Maximilian Mizzi, an international teacher of peace and tireless advocate of the interfaith movement, gives us a blessing from the heart of St. Francis.

Whether or not you have been a Catholic, this short film asks you to cultivate the practice of embracing the unity of all religions, a practice that Father Max passionately believed in. Father Max had a deep conviction that the whole world could benefit from honoring those who come from different traditions, so that we can focus on that which unifies us rather than on that which separates us.

Marvelous Power: Honoring You with Bob Proctor

Have you ever been tormented by a little voice inside that was constantly finding things wrong with you? You’re not thin enough, rich enough, or popular enough? Many people who start a meditation practice can’t seem to shake that judging inner voice, and it’s a source of great suffering for those who endure it in quiet desperation.

When I asked motivational author and speaker Bob Proctor to address a challenge many people face, he started talking with a voice that few people have ever heard before, addressing this very issue. With great tenderness, he spoke as if he was putting his child to bed after a rough day with a school bully. Let’s face it – we’re never too old to be comforted like that. In meditation, that loving voice gets stronger when we practice being kind to ourselves in daily life.

Bob Proctor is an author, lecturer, counselor, business consultant, entrepreneur, and teacher preaching the gospel of positive thinking, self-motivation and maximizing human potential.

Walk On: A Revelation on the Journey of Life with Jyoti

Overviewing one’s life as a story creates a new perspective, allowing us to recognize our accomplishments and challenges, and come to closure more easily with our loved ones. It’s especially helpful for people who have felt disconnected from the earth, or who could benefit from a more loving self-acceptance.

In storytelling style, this message evokes the long journey of the soul, through trials and tribulations, through awareness and spiritual growth, until finally surrendering into the “arms of the Mother.” It acknowledges the role of Nature as a guide on our journey, of pain as a teacher of compassion, and time as a healer of family wounds.

Jyoti (Jeneane Prevatt, Ph.D.) holds sacred her Cherokee lineage. She teaches indigenous spiritual practices that evoke a state of prayer and healing.

The End of Suffering: Invoking the Peacefulness with Thich Nhat Hanh

Many people fight for peace. Many people wish for peace. But there are few people on the planet who have embodied peace as tirelessly as the gentle Buddhist monk from Vietnam, Thich Nath Hanh. Known affectionately as Thay, this beloved spiritual icon has engaged in peacemaking through his many books and meditation retreats for more than 50 years.

Delivered as a chant by Phap Niem, and translated by Thay, this prayer is a poignant clarion call for peace, which has been heard by millions all over the world through this recording. Now, more than ever, let’s use the awakening power of beauty itself to strengthen not only global peace but also in our communities, and, most importantly, within ourselves – because only when we can “be the change” will we see the change.

As you take a few minutes to drop into stillness through breathing, beauty, and being, allow yourself to reconnect, recharge, and remember. May all beings be safe, happy, and free.

The Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh is a Buddhist monk, poet, Nobel nominee, and the author of Being Peace, The Miracle of Mindfulness, and many other books.

Unconditional Love: Remembering What’s Most Important with Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

All the spiritual traditions agree that meditating on our impermanence is one of the most powerful ways to develop a meaningful relationship with the sacred, whatever that means to you. When we ponder our impermanence, appreciation for life grows exponentially and fills us with the grace and gratitude to help us remember what’s most important in this life.

Known to millions all over the world, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross is the pioneer who first took this subject out of the closet of denial. Just a few months before she left this world, we had the good fortune to record what she feels is most important as we lives our lives, in preparation for the moment that all of us will face one day.

Although she has a thick accent, there’s no mistaking her heart’s intention: As much as you can, be kind, and love those you love unconditionally. As you take a few minutes to drop into stillness through breathing, beauty, and being, allow yourself to reconnect, recharge, and remember.

The Welcoming: Coming Home with Michael Stillwater

What if there were angels all around you, but you just didn’t see them? Music and healing pioneer Michael Stillwater invites you to imagine what it would feel like if you knew in your bones that there were loving, multi-dimensional beings supporting you, at all times.

Like a companion gently guiding us into unfamiliar terrain, this meditation delivered by the co-creator of Graceful Passages inspires us to imagine an unseen compassionate presence. A guided meditation on letting go and letting be, this piece has a particularly calming effect on many listeners.

The imagery of being met by a loving presence, where all fear falls away, is introduced. Notice how much calmer you are when imagining that these loving beings will never leave you. This poignant practice of trust can take you to the heart of spiritual intelligence, connecting to the preciousness of life, leading to gratitude, kindness, and compassion.

Be Here Now: Awakening in the Moment with Ram Dass

In his first recording after a devastating stroke that brought him to the very edge of life itself, Ram Dass speaks about what he considers most important: To accept the reality of our mortality – so you can face the great beyond in ways that can enhance your life right now.

If we can accept the reality of our dying with equanimity and mindfulness, we will come to greater peace, helping us to live the life worth living. As you let the words, images and music wash over you, cultivate the gift of willingness, so that you can live with a more open-minded curiosity.

Ram Dass was a beloved spiritual author and teacher who pioneered the integration of Eastern philosophies into the fabric of America.

Set Your Champion Free: Claiming Your Birthright with Lisa Nichols

Inspiring motivational author, coach and speaker Lisa Nichols offers a transformational message, affirming the unlimited potential of your inner champion. We all need someone to believe in us, to root for us, to remind us of the magic that’s inside us.

Lisa Nichols’s life experience gives her an authority to speak to each of us about standing for our greatness, because she courageously and continuously stood for her greatness – until she finally declared that nothing was going to stop her, no matter what. Lisa, a successful author, motivational speaker and coach, inspires people to tears wherever she goes.

As she empowers both your conscious and subconscious mind, let this master of breakthroughs help you to claim your inner greatness. Allow this short film to awaken your radical self-esteem, inspiring you to be your best as you become part of the world’s solutions, rather than its problems.

We Are Not Alone: Awakening to Spirit with Arun and Sunanda Gandhi

Arun and Sunanda Gandhi are the founders of the M. K. Gandhi institute for Nonviolence, which promotes messages and initiatives of peacemaking throughout the world. These wisdom keepers have followed in the path of peacemaking that their Grandfather started long ago.

Feel the depths of the Gandhi’s authentic presence as they offer their profound, intimate wisdom enhanced through the universal languages of music and images. Their words, while few, are spoken with conviction and heartfulness.

She speaks from wisdom gained by her near-death experience; he recalls a vision shared by his grandfather. The message that we are not alone is perhaps one of the most important things to remember when seeking to alleviate fear at a time when we are most vulnerable.

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