Introducing Maps in SwiftUI using MapKit | Udemy

Introducing Maps in SwiftUI using MapKit | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Map view in SwiftUI
MKMapView from UIKit to SwiftUI
Core location integration into SwiftUI
Integration of Maps in SwiftUI based apps

Map view was introduced in the world of SwiftUI with the release of iOS 14. Map is a view that displays an embedded map interface. Map view displays a region and you can use this view natively in SwiftUI view. Map view has many configuration options which will allow you to display or track a location and even interact with the map on the view.

SwiftUI map is great to bring up maps and display some of the basic functionalities in the map but its no match to UIKit version of MKMapView. But the porting over UIKit map is easy. In this course we will start with a simple map and explore all the functionalities there are for maps to offer from SwiftUI’s. From there we will explore some of the advance options map map annotations and map markers. We will also build map marker using pure SwiftUI views.

SwiftUI map version doesn’t support different types of maps yet but we can add that support by building UIKit version of the map. This map will allows us to support map type of SwiftUI world.

We will also explore ability to add core location framework to support user’s location tracking along with subscribing to receive published user location as they move in the map.

Who this course is for:
Developers who wants to integrate Maps in SwiftUI and build map based apps for iOS in SwiftUI

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