Internet of Things using Augmented Reality in Unity IoTAR | Udemy

Internet of Things using Augmented Reality in Unity IoTAR | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Lab 1 – Where we set up out Particle Photon and blink an LED over the Web.
Lab 2 – You will learn the basics of Augmented Reality by setting up Vuforia within the Unity environment… from downloading it to installation, as well as licencing.
Lab 3 – Forms the basis of IoTAR where we blend the boundaries of Internet of thing with Augmented Reality with a simple web dashboard in AR.
Lab 4 – We look at how we can look at ordinary connected objects differently using AR. The thirsty plant project shows just that. It is like you have x ray vision and able to see the water level of plant.
Lab 5 – We use a light dependent resistor or LDR to control the light intensity of an augmented reality camp fire.
Lab 6 – is really cool. Using Multiple Targets in Vuforia, we are able to measure distance in 3D! The app we creating is called RulAR which can make 3D measurement seamless.
Lab 7 – gives you the powers of looking into a 3d skeleton and visualising a heart beating in real time from a pulse heart rate sensor connected to your particle photon.
Lab 8 – You can visualise the temperature of any liquid chromatically. This means if your drink is hot, you AR cup will appear red.
Lab 9 – We visualise force in augmented reality on a gauge as a percentage of total force using a force sensitive resistor.
Lab 10 – We use our particle photon to detect alcohol gas and augments your reality with emissions of virtual gas.
Lab 11 – We move away from the particle photon by fetching weather data off the web. We are able to retrieve the weather in AR for almost any city around the world in real time.

Who this course is for:
This course is for those who want to learn Augmented Reality
This course is NOT for people who are not willing to practice along. You won’t learn by watching but rather by implementing the labs that I provide in this course.
Beginners in Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality
This course is implemented in Unity on Windows. Android or iOS deployment is not part of the scope of this course. However you can easily find tutorials on how to export your AR app to mobile Operating Systems

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