INE – Wireshark Advanced Technologies

INE – Wireshark Advanced Technologies
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This Wireshark Advanced Technologies course, taught by bestselling author and trainer Robert Shimonski, features nearly 11 hours of training and is designed to provide network administrators with the practical skills needed to solve problems, analyze data, view the inner workings of packets, and perform advanced configurations to solve tough issues. In this course, Rob covers more advanced troubleshooting techniques, how to use Wireshark with Cisco networking equipment, and continues to prep you for the Wireshark Certified Network Analyst (WCNA) certification.

Course Outline:

• Advanced Network Analysis
• Wireshark Fundamentals :: Part 1
• Wireshark Fundamentals :: Part 2
• Protocols Refresher
• Installing & Running Wireshark
• Running & Saving Captures
• Wireshark File System
• Configuring Time Zones
• Configuring a SPAN Port (Cisco)
• Configuring a Remote Session

Capturing Network Traffic
• Capture Filters
• Advanced Capture Filters
• Display Filters
• Advanced Display Filters
• Setting Timestamps
• Troubleshooting with Timestamps
• Exam Syllabus Review
• Data Validation
• Advanced Flow Graphing
• TCP Stream Graphing
• Service Response Time
• Analyzing Packet Lengths
• Troubleshooting with tshark
• Setting Capture & Display Filters
• Merging Data
• Analyzing an Issue with tshark

Advanced Troubleshooting
• Exam Prep Review
• Troubleshooting Buffer Issues
• Troubleshooting Retransmits
• Advanced IP Analysis
• Advanced TCP Analysis
• Analyzing UDP
• Troubleshooting DNS
• Configuring a Relay Agent
• Analyzing DHCP
• Capturing VOIP
• Analyzing VOIP
• Capturing HTTP
• Analyzing HTTP
• Capturing Wireless
• Analyzing Wireless

Wireshark & Security
• Exam Prep Review :: Part 2
• Firewall Refresher (Cisco)
• Buffer Overflow
• Analysis of the Attack :: Part 1
• Denial of Service (DoS)
• Analysis of the Attack :: Part 2
• Digital Forensics
• Exam Prep Review :: Part 3

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