Google Cloud Machine Learning with TensorFlow | O’Reilly

Google Cloud Machine Learning with TensorFlow | O’Reilly
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Train and predict your models using the Google Cloud ML Engine

About This Video

A quick and easy start with the Google Cloud platform to scale up your training and prediction
Work with various practical examples to train your ML models
Use your trained TensorFlow models to predict for thousands of requests

In Detail

TensorFlow has become the first choice for deep learning tasks because of the way it facilitates building powerful and sophisticated neural networks. The Google Cloud Platform is a great place to run TF models at scale, and perform distributed training and prediction.

This course shows you how to use Google Cloud to train TensorFlow models and use them to predict results for multiple users. You will learn to efficiently train neural networks using large datasets and to serve your training models.

With this video course, you will use the power of Google’s Cloud Platform to train deep neural networks faster. This course supplies various examples of training in Google Cloud AI Platform. You will also learn to run predictions for your model using the cloud. You will explore topics such as cloud infrastructures, distributed training, serverless technologies, model serving, and more.

By the end of the course, you will be expert at training and serving neural models, and beyond.

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