GCP for AWS Professionals – Learn Google Cloud at F1 Speed | Udemy

GCP for AWS Professionals – Learn Google Cloud at F1 Speed | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Get Started with Google Cloud Platform – GCP
Learn Google Cloud using your AWS knowledge
Get hands-on with compute, networking, storage, and database services in Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is one of the fastest-growing cloud platforms.

How can an AWS professional learn Google Cloud Platform (GCP) quickly?

That’s the question we focus on in this course!

Enterprises are going multi-cloud. It is NOT sufficient to know JUST one cloud anymore. You would need to understand multiple clouds. In this course, you will learn Google Cloud Platform (GCP) by building on your AWS knowledge.

Instead of learning Google Cloud Platform (GCP) the same way you learned AWS, you will learn GCP comparing GCP services with AWS services. You will learn Google Cloud Platform using AWS as the stepping stone.

By the end of the course, you will see that learning Google Cloud Platform – GCP is very easy when already know AWS!

I’m a great believer that the best way to learn is by doing and we designed this course to be hands-on. You will play with a number of Google Cloud services. You will be exposed to modern architecture trends – serverless, microservices, containers, container orchestration (Kubernetes). And by the end of the course, you will understand all the important Google Cloud services.

Are you ready to start your multi-cloud journey with Google Cloud Platform GCP?

Do you want to join 600,000+ learners having Amazing Learning Experiences with in28Minutes?

What are you waiting for? Join me on this exciting journey right now.

Look No Further!

Who this course is for:
You want to learn Google Cloud Platform



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