English Speaking Fluency Practice Course (with Mr Bean) | Udemy

English Speaking Fluency Practice Course (with Mr Bean) | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
To increase the student’s fluency through exercises and focused practice.
To increase the studebt’s understanding of correct vocabulary, specifically, how exactly a native English speaker would describe something.
Improve the student’s pronunciation and intonation by immitation exercises.
To increase the student’s awareness of grammar, specifically verbs and prepositions that go together.

This course is designed to help students imitate EXACTLY how English natives speak & describe (JUST LIKE ME!) AND make students practice speaking!

This is a real speaking course! You will speak! 🙂

… In addition! -It will boost your CONFIDENCE, improve your FLUENCY & expand your VOCABULARY!

*Structure of lessons:

Very simply, we use 5 video clips from an animation (Mr Bean) to:

1. Challenge you to describe what is happening. (V.important!!)

2. Teach you the correct answer & explanation.

3. PRACTICE. You will be able to describe completely by yourself!

(This is a super effective method!)

*Structure (more detailed):

1. Students watch an entire clip of Mr Bean (roughly 45 seconds) and must speak & write down their ideas of how to describe what they saw!

2. Next, we reveal the answer of how I would describe the clip, highlighting all the key verbs, prepositions and nouns!

3. We need to memorise and practice, so we split the clip into 3 parts. We will practice each part together.

How? – We play the clip 4 times (The first & second time there will be words & audio. The 3rd time, there will only be words & you will speak with no help. The 4th time, there will be no words or audio and you will do it entirely on your own!)


1. We want to maximise learning, practice & efficiency. The course is short, focused & intensive for this reason!

2. This course is designed to be very Visual, Auditory, Practical, Interactive & Efficient)

*Additional Resources:

You will receive a Comic-Style Multiple Choice Test with 43 questions. This tests you on your Description capability, specifically Verbs and Prepositions! (Which is super important to speak with better grammar!)

Who this course is for:
Students with upper intermediate to advanced learners will benefit the most from this course.
If you have completed B2 or upper-intermediate courses and you want to tap into some native-like language choice and speed up your speaking, this course will be beneficial.



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