DW – A Catastrophe in Court The Eichmann Trial (2021)

DW – A Catastrophe in Court: The Eichmann Trial (2021)
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After the end of World War Two, Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann lived a quiet life in Argentina. Until May of 1960, when the Israeli secret service Mossad abducted him and brought him to Israel, to stand trial.

Known as the trial of the century, the case against the the former SS man was brought to court on April 11th, 1961. It attracted international attention: Adolf Eichmann was one of the people responsible for the murder of an estimated six million Jews and Sinti and Roma in Europe. As court witnesses, Holocaust survivors described the horrific crimes committed during the Nazi era. For most of the survivors who testified, this was the first time they had spoken out about what had happened to them. Their accounts of murder, torture and manslaughter were devastating. What impact did the trial have on the young state of Israel, and on the Federal Republic of Germany? How did the public disclosure of Nazi crimes change the relationship between the two states?

In this film, two witnesses of the trial give first-hand accounts of what they saw. Gabriel Bach was the deputy prosecutor against Adolf Eichmann, and Michael Goldmann-Gilead was both the chief prosecutor’s personal assistant, and one of the police officers who guarded Eichmann until his execution. Historians Mirjam Zadoff, Tom Segev and Michael Wolffsohn provide an analysis of the of the trial’s consequences and its aftermath to this day.

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