Drone Photogrammetric Image Processing (Beginner to Expert) | Udemy

Drone Photogrammetric Image Processing (Beginner to Expert) | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
1. End to end UAV/Drone Image Processing for GIS data generation i.e Aerial Triangulation, Orthophoto, 3D Point Cloud, DSM, DTM, 3D Mesh Model and Contour
2. Comprehensive workflow to process UAV/drone images that will save time during image processing
3. The basic theory behind UAV/Drone image Processing and Hardware/Software Requirement
4. UAV/Image preprocessing step that involves Geotagging, Remove Geotagging, Point Shape File Creation, Rename the images using ExifTOOL and QGIS
5. UAV/Drone Image Processing Platforms such as Desk Top, Cloud, Network Processing and Batch Processing
6. Student learn about Stereo Satellite Image Processing
7. Student learn about working with Ortho photo, Color correction, Seam line editing, 3D point Cloud classification, Conventional Ortho generation and Contour generation
8. Processing Oblique and Nadir Images for High Accurate 3D Model Generation
9. Learn about Volume Calculation and Earthworks for Civil or Mining Engineer
10. 360o panorama generation for UAV/Drone Spherical Images
11. Processing RTK/PPK images and their image acquisition theory
12. Learn about Export Aerial Triangulation Result as Stereo Setup for Stereo Compilation
13. Get Knowledge about Accuracy Assessment Method (Relative, Absolute and Survey Grade) for UAV/Drone data product

This course is all about UAV/Drone image processing for GIS data product generation through Agisoft Metashape. In this course, the end to end UAV/Drone image processing steps are explained in detail starting from image preprocessing/post-processing to accuracy assessment including theoretical content that provides better understanding. Other than Ortho, DSM, DTM. Point Cloud, Contour and 3D mesh generation this course detailed about stereo satellite image processing, panorama generation, volume calculation, ortho color correction, stereo setup file creation, RTK and PPK image processing and Network-based Parallel Image Processing for Massive image processing. I hope this course will provide “Most Advanced UAV/Drone Image Processing Knowledge to the Learners and the geospatial professional/community”.

Who this course is for:
This course is for Student and Researcher in GIS, Survey, Geomatics, Remote Sensing, Geography, Geology, Archaeology, Mining, Geo-informatics and Civil Engineering domain
This course is designed for traditional photogrammetry expert to upgrade their knowledge in UAV photogrammetry image processing
For UAV/Drone Pilot who want to learn about image processing
UAV/Drone Startup companies, drone entrepreneur or drone enthusiasts



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