Detecting and Recognizing Faces in Python | Udemy

Detecting and Recognizing Faces in Python | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Use FaceDetect framework
Detect faces in images, videos and webcams
Recognize faces images, videos and webcams
Extract faces from images
Draw facial features on top of detected faces in images, videos and webcams
Extend the FaceDetect framework

If you are looking for a quick and efficient way to start detecting and recognizing faces in your Python application, this course is for you!

Learn very quickly how to use the FaceDetect framework and integrate it into your application. FaceDetect is a face detection and recognition framework built in Python on top of the work of several open source projects and models with the hope to reduce the entry barrier for developers and to encourage them to focus more on developing innovative applications that make use of face detection and recognition.

The course is designed to provide students, who have a basic knowledge of Python, with the necessary tools to start using the FaceDetect framework.

We recommend taking this course, if you are looking to:

Build your next big application that uses face recognition quickly

Detect and recognize faces in images, videos and webcams

Draw facial features

Extract detected faces from images, videos and webcams

Coming out of this course, the learners will understand the principles that the FaceDetect framework uses to approach face detections and recognitions. That outcome underlines their acquisition of the following skills:

Ability to set up a Python environment capable of running the FaceDetect framework

Understanding the FaceDetect code structure and philosophy

Understanding the settings that could be passed on to the FaceDetect framework

Detect faces in images, videos and webcams in a few code manipulations

Recognize faces in images, videos and webcams in few code manipulations

Draw specific features on top of images using code

Extract faces from an image

Extend the features of the framework

It is a practical and fun course for enthusiasts to take in their free time to explore face recognition and include it in their applications.

Who this course is for:
Beginner Python developers
Novice Python developers
Developers curious about machine learning
Developers curious about face detection and recognition algorithms

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