Design and Control of DC/DC converter MATLAB/Simulink | Udemy

Design and Control of DC/DC converter MATLAB/Simulink | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Maximum Power Point Tracking
understanding the defferent modes which we can use to represent the Maximum Power Point Tracking as (Physical model,State space model, Switching mode model,and Transfer-function model).
you will learn about Average Large Signal model ,Average Small signal model, Single loop PID controller and Double Loop PID Controller.
In This course We will apply all of the topics Which we learn in MATLAB and Simulink.

In this explanation we offer detailed subject about Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)

You will learn about

1- Average Large Signal model
2- Small Signal Model
3- State space representation and modeling
4- Different between single input single output (SISO) systems & Multy input Multy Output (MIMO) Systems
5- Different between Single feedback controller & double feedback controller
6-Use MATLAB and Simulink
7- How to know if your controller work or not.
8- How to build the physical model for power electronics , state space model and transfer function model
9- What are the benefits of using state space model than transfer function model in MIMO

The target audience in this course ;Peoples Who want to understand the principles of Power Electronics Design, Electrical Engineers,Mechatronics Engineers, Renewable Energy Engineers, Students and Researchers

When you read this course you will be able to understand how to Design and Control of DC/DC converter MATLAB/Simulinkand build your own design on MATLAB/Simulink.

Who this course is for:
Peoples Who want to understanding the principles of Power Electronics Design
Electrical Engineers,Mechatronics Engineers, and Renewable Energy Engineers
Students and Researchers

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