Complete Linux Bash Shell Scripting with Real Life Examples | Udemy

Complete Linux Bash Shell Scripting with Real Life Examples | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Students will be able to understand shell scripting concepts
Students will be able to write basic to advance level shell scripts
Students will understand how shell scripts become useful to automate daily system administration tasks
How to accept input from a user and then make decisions on that input

This course is design for those who have some experience in Linux and want to learn or refine their Linux shell scripting skills. Most of the scripts practiced in this training are based on real life examples.

For the hobbyists this is fun to do, for the aspiring Linux system admins these are essential skills and for the experienced Linux engineers these are skills to be consolidated

In this training we will cover the following:

Section 1 – (Lab Setup)

· What is Virtual Box?

· Downloading and installing Virtual Box

· Creating first virtual machine

· Linux installation

Section: 2 – (Shell Scripting Basics)

· What is Kernel?

· What is a Shell?

· Shell Scripting?

· Type of Shells

· Starting a Shell

· How to Run a Shell Script

Section: 3 – (Scripting Standards)

· Naming Convention

· Script File Permissions

· Shell Script Format

· Sequence of Script Execution

Section: 4 – (Basic Shell Scripts)

· Creating 1st script

· Script to run basic tasks

· Defining variable

· Input/output script

· Conditions/If else statement scripts

· Case statement scripts

· For loop scripts

· Do-while scripts

· Exist Status

· Handouts

Section: 5 – (Real Life Scripts)

· Accessing data from files

· Check remote servers connectivity

· Script for scheduling and notification

· Script to delete old files

· Backup filesystem

· For loops scripts for file system – 1

· For loops scripts for file system – 2

· Copy files to remote hosts

· User directory assignment

· List of users logged in by date

· Central logging (rsyslog) script

· Script for user account management

· Disable inactive users

· Check process status and killing it

· Status on total number of files

· Script to create system inventory

· Getting online help

· Homework

Additional Resources

· This section has so many additional Linux related lectures

Who this course is for:
Anyone who has a good knowledge of Linux or Unix and wants to learn shell scripting
Anyone who wants to level up his or her career in Linux field
Anyone who wants to improve Linux skills
Administrators who are looking to automate their regular tedious tasks

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