Complete Exploitation with Metasploit for Pentesting 2019 | Udemy

IComplete Exploitation with Metasploit for Pentesting 2019 | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
In this Course Students will Learn how to use metasploit and exploit different Operating System
Penetration Testing of services using metasploit
Ethical Hacking
Kali Linux

Hello Learners,

Welcome to this Complete Exploitation with Metasploit for Pentesting Course! This course assumes you have NO prior knowledge in using metasploit and by the end of it you’ll be able to exploit system and services like Professional Penetration Testers.

In this course you are going to learn from very basics of Metasploit to advanced exploitation through Metasploit Framework.

This course is for:

Penetration testers who is suppose to exploits systems and services during their pentest engagements.

Redteamers with the help of metasploit is it likely that the red team activity goes smooth as there are lots of modules built in for recon, scanning, exploitation, evading AV etc.

People who would like to know how metasploit can be used for ethical hacking purpose.

This project is about the modules present in the Metasploit Framework. Basics of Metasploit commands and exploitation using metasploit Framework is covered in this course. This tutorial will give you complete idea about how to use and run exploits on the victim machine using Metasploit Framework.

This course is divided into three section:

Section 1:

We will go through the history and structure of Metasploit framework as who build it and what languages are used to build, what is the structure of the framework.

We will also go through the directory structure to understand how does metasploit segregates the recon, auxiliary, exploit, shell etc. modules, if you understand the directory structure of metasploit then it’s likely that you will not make mistakes in calling appropriate exploit, shell etc.

Section 2:

In this section we will learn how to use the exploit modules correctly while using Metasploit and go through an amazing and powerful exploit from metasploit, that is “Autopwn” and “Multihandler”

Then we will go through a sample real life application exploitation, which will give you an idea about how does a real life application is exploited, what is the vulnerability and how easily metasploit framework does the task of exploitation for us.

We will also learn how to use metapsloit from the command line CLI along with the proper exploit modules configuration and other setup.

Lastly we will learn what are shell and how is metasploit structure shells code inside its framework.

Section 3:

In this last section we will learn how to use exploit modules and exploit a service on the linux operatin system. What all things are necessary to exploit a service on linux system and get a shell access.

We will also perform some exploitation on Windows 7 and 10 operating system and learn how should a metasploit’s exploit should be configured in order to exploit a windows system.

After that we will perform privilege’s escalation which is a very important task in Red teaming activity and penetration testing.


This course is created for educational purposes only, all the attacks are launched in my own lab virtual network.

Who this course is for:
Beginner to bug bounty, penetration testing, red teaming

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