Cisco Job Interview Algorithms : 10 algorithms to master | Udemy

Cisco Job Interview Algorithms : 10 algorithms to master | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Learn about the different algorithms set by Cisco for job interviews
Build a solid background in data structures and algorithms by mastering 10 cisco algorithms
Get ready for job application to one of the biggest companies in the world
Develop the sense of reasoning to solve complex problems
Solve the problems with python

Welcome to this course where your are going to master 10 algorithms the most frequently asked in a Cisco job interview, you are going to learn how to do this with python.

This course is designed for students , developers, programmers and tech job seekers to exapand their knowledge in data structure and algorithms by solving problems that cisco sets for job applicants in the hiring process.

At the end of this course, you will take a glimpse of the way big tech companies set complex problems to applicants in order to hire the best engineers.

Who this course is for:
students who want to expand their knowledge in data structures and algorithms
developers and programmers who want to get more ready than anytime before for job application
job seekers who want to get a glimpse of the interviews and problems set by big companies like: google, amazon, microsoft, oracle, facebook…etc

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