Chris Do Jose Caballer (The Futur) – Advanced Strategy Bundle

Chris Do Jose Caballer (The Futur) – Advanced Strategy Bundle
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Why buy CORE Discovery?
You know how to design logos, photoshop images, and layout type for print and screen. But you didn’t learn how to architect a brand with real clients. So when a client approaches you to help them rebrand and build a website, campaign or packaging you jump in and design! Deep into the project, you realize what many of us in the industry have experienced- endless rounds of revisions and subjective feedback usually follow. What do you do? How do you reign this in? How do you align and control the process

The problem? It can be difficult to define a brand and even more difficult to get alignment from your client stakeholders. Your client might not know what their brand stands for. Or might not have defined customer profiles. What is important to them? Where do you start? This is where a Discovery phase and CORE comes in.

We designed CORE Discovery as a collection of 6 key exercises. 3 to help you define and align the brand, customer profiles and prioritized goals with your clients. And 3 exercises to help you translate the brand, customers, and goals into a brief that you can use to design the needed solutions. In the first exercise we help simplify the process by breaking it down into 6 categories; Culture, Customer, Voice, Feeling and Impact. The sixth category being X-factor, what makes you different. By providing your clients with these prompts, you’ll be able to engage with them and elicit answers that are meaningful to them. Followed by defining 3 customer profiles and then 3 sets of priorities for the business.

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