Building Internet of Things Projects with Arduino IOT Cloud | Udemy

Building Internet of Things Projects with Arduino IOT Cloud | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Build working IoT Projects that connect to the Cloud
Learn how to use the Arduino IoT Cloud Platform
Learn how to use the MKR WiFi 1010 Arduino Board
Build Arduino IoT Applications in the Cloud
Build Dashboards for your IoT Applications with minimal code
Use If This Then That (IFTTT) to integrate Webhooks into your IoT Applications

In this course you will learn about the NEW Arduino IoT Cloud Platform that allows you to easily build Internet of Things (IoT) applications and projects that connect to the Cloud.

Go from Zero to Hero and learn how to quickly build secure Internet of Things (IoT) apps and dashboards using Arduino that connect to the Cloud.

What you will Learn

In this course, you will learn:

A basic understanding of what is the Internet of Things

IoT Terminology

What is the Arduino IoT Cloud Platform

How to setup your Arduino MKR boards to connect to the Arduino IoT Cloud

How to use the Arduino Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud Platform to build IoT apps with minimal code

How to build dashboards to monitor your Internet of Things (IoT) projects , peripherals and sensors

How to incorporate Webhooks in your Internet of Things (IoT) Applications

How to use the If This Then That (IFTTT) to integrate services into your IoT Applications

How to use Arduino MKR Boards to prototype Internet of Things (IoT) Projects

Securely connecting your Internet of Things (IoT) device to the Cloud

The ins and outs of the Arduino Web Editor

What you will Build

We will start with basics by building simple Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud projects such as:

Controlling an LED from the Cloud

Taking Analog Readings

Detecting events from IoT devices like a button push in the Cloud

We will progress to advanced projects such as:

Creating a motion sensor alarm circuit that calls your cell phone when motion is detected

Creating a self-regulating temperature controlled system

You will also learn how to build Internet of Things (IoT) dashboards with little to no code to monitor your Things and Properties from the Cloud!

Who this course is for:


Internet of Things (IoT) Hobbyists

Electronics Hobbyists

Electrical Engineers



What previous knowledge should I have:

A basic understanding of Arduino

A basic understanding of Programming (C preferred)

Be willing to learn

Why is the Arduino Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud Platform important?

We all know and love Arduino Platform for tinkering and building prototypes. But when it comes to building IoT projects that connect to the internet, using Arduino by itself gets messy.

Here are some of the challenges with Building IoT Apps with simple flavors of Arduino Boards :

You need to use an Arduino board that has Wifi built-in or use additional modules like the ESP8266 or ESP32 to enable internet connectivity

You have to worry about how to secure connections to the internet from IoT devices to prevent hackers from intercepting your IoT data

Connecting to the Cloud is also challenging as you have to write custom code to handle integrations

Building Dashboards to monitor and control your IoT apps requires writing additional custom code and programming and this can get messy very quickly

The Arduino IoT Cloud was created to solve these issues.

The Arduino IoT Cloud allows you to:

Easily, Securely and Seamlessly build Arduino Internet of Things (IoT) projects that connect directly with the Cloud

Quickly allow Arduino MKR Boards to connect securely connect to the Cloud

Create WebHooks to easily connect backend APIs and Services to your Internet of Things (IoT) Projects

Monitor your projects in real-time by creating dashboards and widget with a few mouse clicks

Join the Arduino IoT Cloud Bootcamp Course today and learn to build Arduino Internet of Things (IoT) apps that connect to the Cloud the easy way!

Check out the free preview lectures and I will see you in the course!

Who this course is for:
Arduino makers that want to learn about the Arduino IoT Cloud Platform
IoT Hobbyists
Electrical Engineers
Electronics Hobbyists

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