Building and Orchestrating Containers with Docker Compose | Pluralsight

Building and Orchestrating Containers with Docker Compose | Pluralsight
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Docker Compose can be used to simplify working with images and containers, while also increasing your efficiency and productivity as a developer. In this course, Building and Orchestrating Containers with Docker Compose, you’ll learn what Docker Compose is and how it can be used to work with images and containers. First, you’ll explore the fundamentals of YAML and learn how it is used by Docker Compose to define services. Next, you’ll discover key Docker Compose properties that can be used within services to automate the process of building custom images and running containers. Finally, you’ll learn how to use Docker Compose commands to build custom images, orchestrate running multiple containers, view container logs, and more. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the core skills and knowledge of Docker Compose needed to increase your productivity when building custom images and orchestrating multiple containers used by your applications.

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