Brainwave-Sync – The Fractal Meditation System

Brainwave-Sync – The Fractal Meditation System
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The Fractal Meditation System is a new concept designed by Brainwave-Sync. The system combines video and audio to create a powerful brainwave meditation effect. As the brainwave entrainment audio takes you into the desired meditative entrainment state, the fractal animations work to enhance the effect by visually stimulating the mind into an enhanced awareness.

In a similar manner to brainwave entrainment, fractals are generated from precise mathematical formulas. Fractals are also perfect for meditation, due to their infinite indefinable nature. Brainwave-Sync uses a unique form of fractals known as “fractal flames,” which create stunning visual animations, not unlike those seen in deep meditations.

The aim of brainwave entrainment is to induce the brain into a specific targeted brainwave frequency. EEG recordings show that there are different types of brainwaves each working on a different “frequency.” It is interesting to realize that the brain produces different brainwave frequencies depending upon its current activity.

_Do not play these videos while driving or using heavy machinery_

Brainwave entrainment is the process of using sound to synchronize brainwaves with a desired frequency. As a result, individuals can listen to alpha frequencies to reduce stress, theta frequencies to enter altered states of consciousness, delta frequencies to induce sleep and gamma frequencies to increase concentration.

Alpha Waves

Relaxation is a state of consciousness we all enjoy, but it isn’t always easy to achieve. During our relaxed moments, our mind enters a state known as the alpha frequency. Brainwave entrainment allows the listener to enter alpha by listening to audio encoded at that frequency.

Along with stunning visuals, this video includes a powerful audio brainwave entrainment soundtrack encoded in the alpha frequency. On this visual journey of profound fractal formations you will effortlessly enter a state of deep relaxation, inspired by unique mathematical shapes and patterns, combined with evocative music and sounds.

Theta Waves

Take a journey into the depths of consciousness and mind. During moments of dreaming, imagination, visualization and meditation our mind enters a state known as the theta frequency. Brainwave entrainment is a technology that allows us to shift our state of consciousness by synchronizing our brainwaves to a desired frequency by listening to audio encoded at a specific frequency.

As you travel through the wondrous path of visual stimulation within this video, the theta frequency brainwave entrainment soundtrack will help inspire a state of deep meditation. Feel your active day-to-day thoughts fade, as your imagination and consciousness flourish.

Delta Waves

The deepest of meditations occur at the lowest brainwave frequency known as Delta. This is also the frequency of sleep. This state of consciousness can often be elusive and hard to achieve; deep meditations require years of experience, whilst sleep can at times be difficult to find. Using brainwave entrainment audio, it is possible to synchronize your mind into delta by listening to audio recorded at this specific frequency.

The fractal visuals within this video are extremely beautiful mathematical formations that inspire a state of deep reverie. Along with the haunting soundtrack encoded in delta frequency brainwave entrainment, this is the perfect combination to help inspire deep meditation, or even be used as a sleep aid.

Gamma Waves

Moments of inspiration can occur almost spontaneously, and during times of creativity we are literally experiencing a higher level of consciousness. These moments occur during periods of gamma frequency brainwaves. Using specially encoded audio known as brainwave entrainment, it is possible to directly synchronize our brainwaves into the gamma state.

This wonderful journey of fractal formations and stunningly beautiful visuals will take you on a voyage of consciousness. The inspiring soundtrack has been encoded with gamma frequency brainwave entrainment. Together, the visuals and audio of this video can help bring about deeply moving moments of creative and inspirational meditation, as well as enhanced flashes of cognition.

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